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Saturday, February 28, 2009

West Knoxville. . . a place so nice, I went there twice!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mark and I took advantage of a "kidless" afternoon, and did a little shopping today. I had some discount cards that expire tomorrow. . .and I needed a new pair of jeans. So, we headed out.

I also had a graduated coupon at Joann's for some framing. Remember a recent post about projects I wanted to finish up? Yeah. . . I took a couple samplers into Joann's and had them price the framing for me.

Here's the deal. . . .you got 40% off of one framing project; 50% off of two, and 60% off of three. So, I opted for 60% and brought in three (3) samplers.

One is about 8.5 x 8.5. It was reasonably priced.
Another is 8.5 x 9. Again, fairly reasonably priced.

The third sampler? Well, let's just say that when my friend showed me the pattern, she told me it took her 3 years to stitch it. I didn't believe her. In fact, I teased her that I'd find it and complete it sooner than that.

The year was 1997.
I did some last-minute finish stitches on it this afternoon.
I stand corrected.

It's a HUGE sampler. . . each letter is about 3 inches tall, and has a corresponding figure or picture with it. I couldn't find a picture of it on the web, but with the help of my scanner, and my husband who walked me through the process, here it is:

It measures roughly 15 x 35 -- on fabric with 14 stitches to the inch (Aida 14).

It is beautiful. I promise to photograph it when it comes back in two weeks. Of course, I'm still debating where it will be hung. I am planning to hang it over "my" chair in the living room. I cannot WAIT for it to come back home to me. The frame I/we chose is beautiful. . . a reddish, weathered wide frame with a "lacing" design etched in it. As the framer guy said, it "pulls the red figures" out from the sampler. It is gonna be nice. . . and for what we paid, it had BETTER be nice.

The other two samplers were stitched in 1995 and 1997. That's right. . . I'm framing things from 13 years ago. I am so ashamed. But, I'm grateful to be completing some incomplete projects. Those will have to wait to be photographed. I have no earthly idea where the patterns are.

So, why two trips?

Well, let's see. My purpose in visiting Joann's today was to get an "estimate" on the framing costs. I had no intention of getting them done today. My coupon was good until next Saturday. But, as we talked about it, and I considered the fact that they would be done in two weeks, we decided to pay today, and get them done. Besides that, the local frame shop here in Seymour has NOT been able to receive phone calls for the past 4 days. And when I get an idea in my head. . . .

So, I picked up some chenille, some muslin, some embroidery floss, and paid for framing three samplers. The framing was around $200 -- but we're talking THREE. . . and one is pretty darn big. And when you consider that we saved 60%, I realize that I am definitely in the wrong line of work.

We talked to Mr. Framer guy, and told him that the one piece -- the biggie -- still needed a few stitches, and I needed to add my initials and the year to it. (Mark asked if I was going to put "1997 - 2009" on it). I laughed . . . half-heartedly. So funny he is. . .

I told the guy I'd bring it back tomorrow, but would leave the other two. Then my helpful husband noticed that one of the two kinda had a "crease" in it. So, we opted to take all three home, re-iron them, and finish the one. As we drove home, I realized that we paid for three samplers -- and none of them were at the store. That was just wrong.

So, on our way to pick up Caroline, I told Mark I'd probably go back tonight, submit stuff, and get it moving. He thought that was fine (I'm sure inside he thought I was nuts). So, after bringing in the stuff, stitching the steam on the oatmeal. (Seriously, that's what it needed) I stitched on my initials and put "09" as the completion year, ironed three samplers and headed back to W. Knoxville.

We live 29 miles away from Joann's. You do the math. Thankfully, gas prices are back on the somewhat reasonable side. . .but still.

When I got back into the store, the girl in the framing department looked up at me and said, "You're back?" She didn't realize I hadn't left stuff initially. We laughed. I gave her the samplers. She had me initial the forms (again). And, after making a brief stop in the scrapbooking department. . . come on, everything was 40% off. . . I was back out the door.

I checked the clock. I left the house at 5:25. I arrived at Joann's at 6:00. I left Joann's at 6:34. I picked up Edison at 7:29. I got home at 8:00 p.m.

I'm spent. But, I saved so much money!!!!!!!

I'm sure I'll type more tomorrow. . .it's been an emotional week. And, although I have some things I want and need to say, I also have clothes to put away, clean towels to re-hang, dishes to put away, and a body and mind that need to shut down in preparation for worship tomorrow.

So, until tomorrow, my dear friends. . . have a lovely rest of Saturday. Tomorrow holds the promise of a NASCAR race in Las Vegas, small group (which will undoubtedly be spent watching said race), and being back together with our church family we love so much.

It will be a good day. I can just feel it.


Blogger Pat said...

Wow Angie, you had quite a day. I have the pattern for that project but I have not touched it. I have seen it made up and it is beautiful. I did the numbers by The Cricket Collection. I love that one too. I have been thinking about getting out my cross stitch again. Can'y wait to see the finished projects.

10:14 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

oh i am remebering the days when i crossstitched... and i get wistful and then i look at such a huge project and i am glad i have different art forms...but then i am still grateful for the projects i have completed and we still have in the house... I can say "I did that." sighs... it is gorgeous angie and you must feel good... okay so enough rambling... i might crossstitch again some day... and I was reading the post thinking, she has had quite a week... and sure enough you wrote that about it being emotional... I am glad in the midst (end?)of it God gave you a tangible sign of completion and glad that he gives us a day of rest...

6:17 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

And on top of that, "your" Nascar guy came in second. What more could you ask for?

8:34 PM  

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