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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Firsts. . . .

Just a couple of firsts today. But before I begin, please let me clarify that in yesterday's rush to get to my meeting, I indeed did brush my teeth. (Thank you, Beth.)

Okay, here we go. . .

This is the first season that I've watched American Idol beyond the fun audition shows. I watched the results show last night, as well as part of the show the night before. I said it on Facebook, and I'll say it again (at the risk of alienating myself from a certain young lady in Canada. . . ) I don't get Adam. He may win this year. At this point, I don't get it. Danny gets my vote -- and it's not a sympathy vote. He or Michael Sarver either one. They just resonate with me. Okay, enough about that.

For the first time yesterday, I made chocolate chip scones. Whoa. They were really good. I had eaten them before, but had never made them myself. I found a really cool website -- and I really liked the recipes there. I'm sure I'll go back again and again.

Caroline has started to branch out from her standard TV fare -- Max & Ruby and the Wiggles. Today, she's watching Ni Hao Ki Lan. It's kinda cute, I guess. Rather than encouraging you to speak in spanish (a la Dora & Diego) they encourage kids to talk in chinese. For the first time, I just heard her try to pronounce the chinese word for slipper. I'm sure this will serve her well in her life. Whatever.

This weekend, I'm going to do a first that kinda has me nervous. On Sunday afternoon, I am going to a scrapbooking crop. Now, if you know me well enough, you know that going to a crop isn't a first for me. But this kind of crop is a first for me. You see, my friend Heather is hosting this crop with her sister. Heather is a "professional" scrapbooker -- she's been featured in a number of magazines. . . and is the co-owner of a scrapbooking supply company. I "met" her through Jules -- and although Heather and I live just a couple hours from each other -- this will be our first chance to meet.

I'm not nervous about meeting her for the first time. I am nervous, however, to be attending my first crop that is not a "Creative Memories" crop. I have absolutely NO idea what to expect. It will also be weird to walk into a room of potentially 50-60 people that I do not know. . . and suddenly start scrapping with them. But, I'm looking forward to an opportunity to meet Heather, and make some new scrapping friends. I promise to take my camera -- and to document our "meeting" on Sunday. Really, I promise I will.

This last first is pretty cool.

I am not a coupon shopper. I find them. I clip them. I lose them. It just doesn't seem to work with me. But lately, as everyone seems to be doing what they can to save money, I have been trying to cut corners as much as I can. Things are not dire in our household. . .yet. But, I think there are going to be some tough days ahead for our country.

Anywhoo....I went to our local Kroger store today, based on their newspaper ad I read yesterday. Again, I never look at sale papers. I just go to the store and get what I think we need, and typically don't let their sales influence me--except at the point of purchase.

Today was a different story. They had about 20 items marked down -- but if you purchased ten of these items, you save $ .50 on each one. Or, $5 overall. You could use this deal up to 3 times.

Three notable items on this particular sale were 32 oz. bottles of PowerAde (Edison's favorite drink) -- which ended up being $ .49 if you bought ten. They also had Lean Cuisine entrees (nearly every variety) for $1.99 each. Saving $ .50 on each one saved me a lot of money, too.

In fact -- I walked out of the store with over $130 worth of groceries, and it cost me $80.24. This wasn't necessarily a first when it comes to saving money. But I can guarantee, if they do this again, it won't be the first time!

Well, it's just about time to go pick up my firstborn from football practice. After that, I've got to make dinner and get ready for band practice tonight. We're knee-deep into Palm Sunday & Easter preparations. . . so, there's plenty to do.

When I get home, I need to upload some pictures to Walgreens -- for that crop on Sunday. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to spend tomorrow (my day off). I got the call that my samplers that I framed at Joann's two weeks ago are DONE! So, I might venture out and pick them up. If I do, I'll be sure and put on my winter coat. Because, as the song says:

Baby, it's cold outside! Have a great day -- stay warm!


Blogger 20Birds said...

i dont get adam either, the makeup, the creaming, the nail polish... oy! and God wastes nothing and wont you be eating crow when Caroline uses the chinese word for slipper to His glory, I only pray i get to be there when it happens! (i wrote the letter i told you about.. pray, I consider you my coach and /or cheerleader in such areas)

7:35 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

I have a minute before I take off on my day trip. I'm love this post Angie...and I'm loving scrapbooking. I have one book almost done. I feel it's not very creative tho...maybe I'll get better as I go along. I really can't wait to get started on a "vacations" book. My CM consultant keeps asking me to go to a crop...but, how could I go when I didn't have anything to work on?

8:11 AM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

Dude, I SO racked up on Lean Cuisine's this week. Love that deal!

6:06 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Our Kroger had the same deal. I cranked on ten frozen TV dinners at an end price of 70 cents apiece.

To be sure, they taste like it, too, but sometimes you just need the grub.

Have fun at the wing-ding.

11:42 PM  

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