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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love is all you need

Man, I wish I could have coined that phrase! Still one of my favorites when it comes to Beatles' songs.

Happy Valentine's Day - one day late. We were zipping along just fine, yesterday. When suddenly I realized that not only had I *not* mailed the Valentine card to Nana & Papa (it will be on its way, soon!) but I had failed to get cards for the kids to give to Mark. Whoops.

One more trip to Walgreens before we headed to church for the Valentine's Banquet. Walgreens on Valentine's Day at 3:30 p.m., would probably be something like Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. . . all day long! Lots of frantic people. Lots of men. Hmmmmmmmmm. But, I digress (as always).

We got the cards, and Edison chose the cards from them to me. Very sweet. And, we headed home. Both kids had Valentine parties in class. Caroline received cards and candy from all her friends. It was very nice -- although most of the candy is inappropriate for a 2-year old who doesn't crunch hard stuff yet. More for Edison, I suppose.

Valentine Banquet at church was a fund-raiser for the youth mission trips this summer. Very nice. Got to eat dinner with funny friends. Good time all around. Caroline wore a cute pink dress and her ponytails, of course. Edison ate pizza with the kids upstairs, and generally had fun. Or so he said.

So, I leave you with a "day-late and a dollar-short" message for Valentine's Day. Oh. .. and a few pictures, too.

Opening cards is a family affair. Caroline likes licking the glue on the envelopes. I need to remember this a Christmastime!

She was delighted to have a "pressuh" to open (present). Daddy got her a new Barney DVD (let the party begin!) and Mommy got her new hair ties and some sidewalk chalk. Yes, it *did* snow here yesterday.

Her fascination with cards ended once the envelope had been destroyed.

Except for this one:

This is my favorite part of the whole day. . . . loads of love.

Oh, and Helen. . . . "OCD" is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You know, the kind of people that have to alphabetize everything. . . or straighten out crooked rugs. . .Excuse me, there's something askew here! : )


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Wow Angie! I would love to meet you one day because I think you would be a real hoot! Yey for having big brothers (Edison and Hughie) who readily accept the challenge of eating food not quite right for two year olds ;) Gorgeous photos - TFS Angie :) and thanks for the OCD - we have been friends for a long time....just ask Denny with about my lists and organisation! Cheers Angie...Friday arvo here...have a good one!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous julaine said...

Awesome photos! Beautiful kids! I have to say, I did love the science fair one of Edison espeically :-) (I realize that was in another post -- but I'm catching up here.) We had your (Martha's) pork chops last night (long time ago post). Very tastey -- but why did the picture show red, thickish sauce? I'm recovering from my OCD because with five children I'd totally be in the phunny pharm! (Maybe I already am :-) Love ya! Have a great day!! Julaine

7:52 AM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

I thought I already commented on that little girl looks so grown up with those piggy tails. I cannot wait to see a scrapbook page of them!

Looks like a very lovey Valentine's Day y'all had. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Love Melly :)

11:16 PM  

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