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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Where is that To-Do List?!?!

It's been a while. I know.

I apologize.

Of course, I'm down to about four readers. . . and half of them are family. I sometimes wonder about the need to keep the blog. But, don't start any petitions just yet. I'm gonna stick around for a while.

Let's see. . . where to begin (again)?

Edison starts school on Monday. That's not huge exciting news around here -- especially to him. But, it will be good to get him back on a regular schedule. It will be good for all of us to get back on some sort of schedule. Ten days. Just ten days.

That's right, in ten days, Caroline will be in school, as well. Of all of us, she probably needs the routine the most.

She will be repeating Kindergarten this year. I think I've blogged about this before. If I have, forgive the repetition. If I haven't, please let me explain. . .

Children in our state can receive educational services (special education) through age 22. At this point, I don't know whether she will be in school that long. In fact, we are hoping that Caroline will be able to study beyond the high school level. We continue to hear stories about individuals with Down syndrome going to college. I see no reason for Caroline not to do the same thing.

Sorry, slight diversion. . . .Caroline will repeat Kindergarten this year, not because she is significantly delayed. In fact, I think they'll be pleasantly surprised at how well she's done over the summer. Her reading continues to explode -- and her speech is phenomenal. (of course, we've got to get her to start TALKING at speech therapy, but that's another issue!)

She will have the same Kindergarten teacher -- which will help with continuity and familiarity. She will still spend a fraction of the day in the CDC (special ed) room. But, at this point, 95% of her day will be spent in regular Kindergarten -- from the very beginning. The theory on repeating is that between her familiarity, and "understanding the routine," she will start Kindergarten on a par fairly even with this class. AND. . .since she's smaller than a lot of them, she will not seem so itty bitty - as she did by the end of last year.

This is fairly common--repeating a grade (or two). But, we are hoping that this will be the only year of repetition. Once she gets accustomed to a particular class, we want her to stay with them as long as she can.

So. . . all that to say, "Gosh, I'm ready for school to start again!"

I've been slightly busy, between taking kids back and forth to football camp/practice, music camp (church), and "jump start" camp (Caroline). But, it really is all good. Things at church are going well. We've had an exceptionally good couple of Sundays the past month or so. God is working -- and it's exciting to see the changes He is bringing about. He's also brought me some new singers/instrumentalists. That's always fun & exciting. So, the "busy" hasn't been harried. But, it has been busy!

I finally got around to trying my hand at Raspberry Pepper Jelly. There weren't many specific recipes online that I felt were exactly what I was looking for -- but I finally got my courage up, and tried one that I found in the comments of another recipe.


I've come to the conclusion that as much of the "appeal" of the jelly is the "pickling" aspect (from the apple cider vinegar) as it is from the jalapenos. I was able to get nine (9) jars out of the recipe today -- and that utilized one bag of frozen raspberries, four or five jalapenos, two red peppers, and seven (yes, seven) cups of sugar.

. . .it's really, really good!

I'm still working on some of the baby quilts that I made in Birmingham. I finished hand-quilting the wall hanging for the kids' bathroom. (Last night, actually) I'm hoping to get it bound sometime this weekend, so that I can hang it up soon. It's really cute. I've still got to quilt the one baby quilt for our children's minister's new baby girl -- she arrived eight weeks early, so I have an excuse. Once that's done, I'll begin working on stuff with NO pressure.

. . . of course with the Buddy Walk in the near future, I'm not sure how little pressure I'll actually have. We're going to have another great one this year -- but the next two months are going to be CRAZY!!

So - I'm gonna sign off here. I'm sorry it's been such a break between posts. I have all these great intentions, but life sometimes gets in the way.

Please continue to pray for my dear friend, Beth. She is currently in the hospital - and is very weak. She has a very strong, solid faith -- and I am grateful for every day that I have known her. But right now, she and her amazing kids (lots of them) and loving, supportive husband need our prayers. Join me, will you?