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Friday, January 21, 2011


We're in the midst of a 5-week sermon series at church entitled "Together." It's all about intentional relationships. Getting to know people. Helping make disciples by purposely "friending" someone (Hello? Facebook, anyone?)

We've used one of my all-time favorite songs for "bumper music" the last couple weeks. While looking for it again this week, I found this. Couldn't help but share. . .

LOVE this!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On snow. . . .

Over the past couple of weeks, we have experienced snow on snow on snow. . .and, over the past couple of weeks, I've made references to "snow" with regards to my friend, Beth. In fact, when we got a decent snow a few weeks ago, on her birthday, I talked about singing "Happy Birthday" to her out in the snow.

Well, this week -- I've been at it again. We got snow.
Snow-Day Snow.
And again, I thought about Beth.

Beth loved snow. It was a good thing -- she lived in Canada. She got to experience it -- a lot. But, she wrote about metaphorical truths we can see in snow. Here's one of her excerpts from her blog:

And all day yesterday a hush fell over my heart as gently as the snow lay down a new covering of white.. in our neighbourhood we have mountain ash trees and in the winter they drop their bright crimson berries on to the snow, not too many - just enough so that here and there drops of bright red are seen on a brilliant gleaming white blanket. It's a picture, I tell you of a Saviour making paths through the desert, and through the sea.

So, it's only natural that I would take a picture like this:

. . and remember Beth.

Since she loved snow, she would have loved these, as well:

But, because she had adopted my two kids as her niece and nephew, she would have really loved these:

And, because she loved Caroline's voice. . . this would have made her very, very happy!

(Please don't crane your neck sideways. . . the camera operator eventually changed the camera angle!)


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Who wants to be like Mike?

Not Me. I wanna be like Kevin.

Who's Kevin? Why Kevin? Enough questions for one day. . .here goes.

Kevin Wolff is a friend that Mark met through baseball card blogging. I met him, too. He's funny. He's witty. He writes awesome posts on one of his two blogs. Not just one blog, but two. But here's where he's so cool. . . he puts the post on facebook, too.

So, in my pursuit to be just like Kevin, I am posting something here that I just put on facebook.

You have to make these cookies. No, really. You do. They rock. They look like this:

And the taste?

(See what I did there?)

Monday, January 03, 2011

A Little Light Reading. . . .

Miss C was reading to her baby doll today. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture it on film!! Enjoy!!