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Monday, December 14, 2009

World's Fastest Blog Entry

. . .well, maybe not. But, I've got a goal. "Big Bang Theory" begins in 7 minutes (acc. to the clock on my browser) so I've got an end-goal in sight.

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted last. As you can imagine, this time of year is crazy for everyone -- but music directors (heaven forbid I be called a "minister") have extra fun times on their calendars.

It's not been bad, actually. Here's a bullet-list of things that have occurred since I last posted.

1) Staff Christmas party - had my butt handed to me playing ping-pong from a 5th grader
2) Mark's work part - fun, great food, cold night. Brrrrrr.
3) Beginning wrapping presents
4) Baking marathon begun
5) Planning four, yes, FOUR services that will take place in a 6-day timespan. And yes, each one is entirely different than the other
6) Buying angel tree presents -- way fun!
7) Getting a new computer at work
8) Getting a new computer at home
(I didn't say it wasn't an expensive couple of weeks)
9) Baking Honey Whole Wheat Bread
10) Making a double batch of apple butter for teacher gifts for both kids
11) Going on a field trip with Caroline -- just this morning, actually
12) Buying myself a few new shirts/sweaters for the season (and PJs for Christmas Eve)
13) Making plans with friends over the holidays
14) Dumped boiling water on myself - burning a 4x3 area on my tummy.

Seriously, I could go on and on. But, I now have three minutes until BBT - and I don't like to miss this show, or the one that follows it on another network Castle. Really good show - check it out, if you haven't

I'm also finishing projects, wrapping more presents, buying presents, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries - saying "goodbye" to a colleague, and trying to sit still long enough to enjoy "White Christmas" or "Elf" but so far, that hasn't happened.

I'm almost afraid to type this -- but Caroline is making HUGE strides this week. She went to the elementary-age Children's Church this past Sunday, and did GREAT! My mom peeked in, as part of our disability ministry, and when Caroline saw her, she waved, and went back to singing and dancing with the big kids. I've been told she even raised her hand and answered a question in the big group.

And. . . . drum roll please. .. she has had three (3) very successful days in the bathroom side of her life. She even asked to be excused to go to the bathroom on her field trip today -- and HAD TO GO! Then, during dinner tonight, she asked to go to the potty - and big girl went!!! I'm so excited -- I told her this could be my present for Christmas. And, I mean it!

She's really growing up - and we're seeing it more and more.

Well, time for the show to start -- two minutes ago. I cannot, for the life of me, do something short-winded, can I ?

Oh well.. . . .

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are YOU talkin' to ME?!?!

When I see this face, I can't help but think of Robert DeNiro. . .

Caroline went to Build-A-Bear tonight, as a guest of her cardiologist and his practice. This is her 2nd year to go -- and my first year. What an experience! She chose a reindeer. At first, we wanted a panda. . .but then this little guy, Jacob, won our hearts over.

Having done the Build-a-Bear thing now four (?) times . . .she's pretty familiar with the drill, and did an awesome job.

I am sorry I haven't posted lately. It's been a crazy couple of days. But, having the kids back in school is helping with some of the mayhem. I knew it was time when even they were ready to go back.

I did get our decorating done for the year. I still want to do window/outdoor lights -- but that's going to have to wait until next year. I keep hoping to buy exterior lights after Christmas this year -- to get them on special. We'll see.

Until then, please enjoy some pictures of my indoor decorations. And yes - I do have two indoor Christmas trees. They're not fully pictured here because I need to get a good indoor/low-lit picture of each one of them. I'm going to work on that tomorrow. For now. . .enjoy!!

Mark got me the creche for my Willow Tree nativity this year for Christmas. . .and it seemed a shame to leave it in a box until Christmas morning. :)

This nativity set belonged to my grandparents. My grandma kept the green felt that she used to put on top of their console television with the pieces. When I pulled out the set -- for some crazy reason -- it was the felt that made me cry. I cherish this nativity set.

This is the tree in Edison's room. It has gold beads, colored lights, and his blown glass ornaments on it. It's really pretty when the lights are out.
This tree was in Caroline's room last year - but is in my kitchen this year. It's got white lights, plaid bows, and miniature gingerbread ornaments on it.
This is the tree in Caroline's room - next to Maria, one of her previous Build-a-Bear friends. It has simple pink plaid bows, and white lights. That's all.
This is the tree in my sun room. I might add that it's the non-heated sun-room, so right now, it feels like winter in there. Colored lights - gold star garland, and simple glass ornaments. Since this picture was taken, I added four stuffed snowmen around the base of the tree.

On either side of the TV in our entertainment center, I have some small trees that I have either made, or just collected.

My mom gave me the tall tree in the background, my mother-in-law gave me the little tree made out of yo-yos, and the medium tree is one I made last year out of some fabric trim. It still needs a tree topper - but I like the unique look of it.

These three trees are on the other side of the TV. The button tree is one I made last year. I love it. The yo-yo tree is part of the two-tree set from my mother in law. And the biggest tree is a mini-tree I decorated with jingle bells, and homemade crocheted snowflakes from my friend, Jane. I made the little star on the top of the tree. Simple, but beautiful.

Caroline has taken on the job of putting the star on the tree. I have pictures of Edison doing the very same thing years ago. It's amazing how much they love doing that! This is the more formal tree in our office/dining room. It has our heirloom ornaments (Hallmark, family ornaments, kids' creations, etc.) It has the traditional "pickle" ornament that gets hidden each year. It has a simple gold bead garland and white lights.

Mark and I have a tradition of buying an ornament when we go on trips -- so we have ornaments from Montreal, Shipshewana, Chicago, Kentucky, Arizona. . . all on this tree. I cherish it, and the memories that it holds.

My "other" full-size tree is my first-ever THEME tree. I never thought I'd actually do a theme tree. But, I finally have enough resources to decorate it. . .so I've had fun with it. It's my "country" tree. All the ornaments on it are either homemade, or have a country (especially primitive country) feel to them. It has white lights, a precious angel on the top made from an antique dresser scarf, and red "cranberries" (wooden beads) garland. Also, from the top, it has small streamers of red and beige raffia.

I'm really proud of this tree -- and other than the fact that it has no Christmas tree skirt (yet), it's probably my favorite of all of them.

There are two other small trees -- one is in our bedroom. It's just a miniature tree in an antique crock. The boughs have fake snow on them, and the small brushed red glass balls make it a very "classic" looking tree. The other is in the hallway leading to our bedroom. Again, it's a small tree -- with brushed ivory glass ornaments, small red wooden beads, and white lights. It's really quite cute -- and I love having it in the hallway.

So, there you have it -- I have finally posted pictures, with the promise of a few more to come. I pray these days find you blessed, content, and feeling God's favor.