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Friday, February 29, 2008

Workin Five to Five

No, I didn't type that wrong. It had two purposes. . .to inform and to enlighten.

To Inform. My overnight crop starts in four hours and fifteen minutes. It's a 24-hour crop. I truly don't think I'm going to crop for 24 hours straight. Especially on a weekend where I am "on stage" on Sunday morning. In other circumstances, we'd have to see. I'd have to be a bit worried about my ability to put picutres on straight - much less journal - if I stayed up all night.
Kathy's going to be here in 4 hours (it's quarter 'til right now) and my (scrapbooking) bags are packed. . .I'm ready to go. (Hey -- there's a bonus song for you to hum, if you're not a Dolly Parton fan)

My other "bag" (sleep machine, shampoo, etc.) has yet to be packed. But that won't take very long. I've just got to pick up Edison at 3, and try to figure out what I'm going to leave for the boys for dinner. There are some (decent) leftovers. But, there's also a Quizno's and Papa John's very close to the house. I'm not THAT worried.

To entertain. You know, my new passion to put songs in your heads. . .? Enjoy that one. Not one of my favorite songs, but I'm not humming it -- I'm listening to Rush.

Limbaugh. . . .Not the band.

Oh. . . here are a few new shots from around the house. . . .

That's right. . . these are the new tools (some are old) that I'm using for my new haircut. Oh, you want to see it? Okay. . .

Yeah, I agree. It's not that different from the old hair cut. That may be my fault. It looked radically different yesterday when Mark picked me up. Today -- it feels like MY hair. Go figure.

. . .and no, I haven't figured out how to do the whole "self-portrait" in the mirror thing. I'll get there.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Then Why Can't I Paint You. . .?

Humming yet? Today's post is just going to be pictures and captions. Recently, I told my friend Helen that Edison had grown out of his need to play with Legos. I forgot he had this kit. It's amazing what being grounded from television will bring out in a teenage boy!

Yes, this is a Dora the Explorer backpack. It's sitting here. . .within reach of my left arm. Why, pray tell, is it not with Caroline at school today? Why, that's because Caroline is not AT school today? Why?

We had snow. Yesterday. Mark blogged about it. You can see it there. It's nearly gone today. Sigh.

So, what does a 3-year old little girl do on a snow day (when there's no snow) and no big brother to play with? Why she steps on bubblewrap, tears an envelope, and finds a Bic black pen. Who needs Toys 'r Us? There's an Office Depot in town.

And this? This is where I'm getting my energy and hope today.

Tomorrow evening (4:45 p.m.) my buddy Kathy is picking me up and we're going to a 24-hour crop with our friend Cindy. I am one happy, happy girl. I spent a couple hours last night -- getting photos sorted out, and deciding which stickers. . .alphas. . . ribbons. . . and embellishments I had to take with me. This was not an easy task -- but so far, so good. I am really looking forward to this--but, I have to admit that I scrap better when I'm by myself.

A few years ago, my friend Stephanie was given a 2-night stay at a local hotel by her husband. The purpose? Getting caught up on her scrapbooking. I could SO get into something like that. I remember feeling sorry for her husband -- because the kids wound up with a snow day while she was away. (I seem to remember them "visiting" her at the hotel, and going swimming) But, I've always thought that I would enjoy the solitude, as well as the uniterrupted time to scrap.

Because it's a social "thing" tomorrow night, I can't be anti-social. But, I am going to be a woman on a mission. Kathy said the same thing (sorta) because she's not only got a lot of pictures to scrap, she's working on a limited timetable. She's got a baby coming in a few months, and that turns your personal scrapbooking word upside down. (Trust me, Kathy -- you ain't seen nothing yet!)

One last picture--I just took it a minute ago. Beth, this one's for you!!

Is she a "blue bracelet" girl in training, or what??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Okay, so you want a new song????

Since I've haunted you with "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes. . ." the last couple of days, it's time for a new song.

How about "Dancing in the Moonlight?"

All day long, I've been trying to remember which song I wanted to embed in your brains with a clever blog post. I couldn't remember, but I knew that it was being featured in a new commercial. I was just talking to Mark about it (three minutes ago) and as he turned on the TV, I could hear the familiar strains of the Rhodes keyboard playing this great, great song.

Here's what Wikipedia tells us about the song that is now bouncing around your skull . . . you're welcome, by the way:

"Dancing in the Moonlight" is the title song on the 1973 King Harvest album. The track was released as a single the same year, and it reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. They released other singles but these were never able to match the success of "Dancing in the Moonlight". The track used a Rhodes piano thoroughout. The song was written by Sherman Kelly in 1968, whose brother, Wells Kelly - King Harvest's drummer in the early 1970s - introduced the song to the band. It was originally recorded in 1970 by the American band, Boffalongo.
The song's first
line, "We get it on most every night" is often misheard as "We get it almost every night" This song was played as a wake up call for Daniel M. Tani, an astronaut on board the STS-120: Discovery mission headed for the International Space Station, on the early morning of Thursday 24 October 2007.
*Dancing in the Moonlight was recently licensed by Wal-Mart for their 2008 TV commercial season in the U.S.*
. . .and that's where I come in. That's the commercial that made me want to blog. I suppose I should make some sort of statement like. . ."this blog entry brought to you by Wal-Mart and their clever use of a classic 70s song" Or something like that.
In other news. . . it's snowing. I didn't need anything at the grocery store, so I avoided it like the plague. I'm sure there are people there, even as I type (humming a certain melody) purchasing an afore-blogged list of "necessary" items to get them through the 1-2 inches of snow that we could possibly get overnight. [key word: possibly]
I had two excellent rehearsals this evening. Our worship team rehearsal went well -- but it was done at a frenetic pace. We were trying to prepare for two (2) Sundays at once. One of the singers commented to me on the way to choir that it felt like a rehearsal on steroids. Yep, that was accurate. Then, choir practice was kind of a continuation of worship team practice. But, both went well. So, I'll sleep really well tonight--mainly from being exhausted.
I have some scrapbooking I want to accomplish tonight -- while The Office repeats are on TBS (10 p.m.). Then, I expect to get to bed at a respectable hour. [especially with the prospect of having one or more children at home tomorrow] Sigh.
Oh, and did I mention? Child #1 was grounded from TV for the rest of the week.
If you must know -- he spent the afternoon watching TV in his room (which is allright if his homework is complete). However, at 8:40 p.m., he came out -- asking Mark to get off the computer, because he had school work to do.
Oh, and did I mention that "Mama Choir Director on Steroids" came in the door about 8:45, as this discussion wound its way down?
Yeah....MCDOS busted Child #1, and immediately grounded him from TV for the rest of the week. [sucks to be him, I guess] I think [hope] he will start to grow up some, and start to think things through. Every time he gets close, something goofy like this happens, and we have to pull out the old, worn "life lesson" book and thwack him upside the head. He is a good kid. Please don't misunderstand. . .but I want him to become a good man. Ya know?
Well, I guess that's it. Tomorrow night is #6 in our Beth Moore study. I have a couple sessions of homework to do before tomorrow night. . . but that shouldn't be a problem.
And yes, you are right. . . every day, in every way, I'm scouting out and searching songs that will ring in your ears and make you smile when you find yourself humming them. Call it my mission in life!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Love Grows Where my Rosemary Goes. . .

. . .Helen, there's nothing cryptic about this title at all. It's the song running through my head this morning. Where did it come from? Here's my theory. . .

I have just read through my blogroll. Seriously. I read them all . . . don't go check your sitemeter. Trust me. But, it took me nearly an hour to read through everything. And yes, I *am* at the office! If anyone (besides Mark, of course) knew how much time my job encroaches into my *out of office* life, they wouldn't question this one bit. Anyway, I just read the blogs listed to the right (not the sites, but the blogs). I haven't visited some of the sites (CM, DSAG, etc.) in a while. That will have to wait for another morning.

But what blew my mind was that it took nearly an hour to read (and comment) on these blogs! I cannot get over how this list has grown. . . and there are a couple that are missing. (Katherine, I need to put yours on there!) And, there are a couple of blogs that are password protected. I don't put them out here (to the right) because I wouldn't want to frustrate you -- you know, be a blogtease, and all.

But, this list has grown from the initial 4 or 5 blogs that I started reading when I first began blogging, to how ever many are there now. And, I just got that song in my head over the idea of friendships growing. . .and you know love grows. . . come on, those of you over 35 are humming it, too. (Admit it!)

There's not a whole lot to report from the Aubrey household. We *tried* to enjoy the NASCAR race yesterday, but they were delayed (multiple times) by rain. Seriously, we spent more time watching NASCAR get in 75 laps yesterday than we did the entire Daytona 500. But, I think I realized yesterday what I enjoy so much about NASCAR. The people. The drivers. The crew chiefs. The families that travel around with them. The commentators (the Fox guys, especially). I love it all.

There are people who claim that it is not a sport, per se. Maybe it's not a physical challenge in the same way as, say, the UT Men's Basketball team (which is #1 in the nation right now) but there are still physical challenge. If you don't believe me, go hop in your car, and drive 500 miles. Go on, do it. Get in your car--oh, did I mention, if you have to . . .er, well. . . let's say use the ladies room??? You can't.

Oh, and if you get hungry. You can't eat. Thirsty? There's a tube. Oh, and you need to drive your car as fast as you can. And, just for fun, let's put 42 other cars with you -- and let's reduce you to four or five city blocks. You can only turn left, and your tires will be treadless.

It's a sport. There's danger. There are rules. There is competition.

I cannot believe I just spent 5 minutes justifying NASCAR as a sport. But hey, it was a fun exercise in debating skills that I haven't used lately. . . .so, all that to say, we watched race coverage from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. No, I'm not kidding. We (or *I*) did. I'd do it again.

Oh, and did I mention that as soon as Caroline saw the race track, and heard the engines roaring, she said, "Go. . . . Jeff. . . Burton!" (that is MY girl!)

I did manage to make a really delicious dinner last night (was that good terminology, Tom?) and I'm happy to share my *recipe* with you. I made a turkey breast. It was the moistest turkey breast in the history of turkey breast making. Wanna know how I did it?

Two words: crock.pot.

That's right. . . you get that handy crockpot out, and put your turkey breast (bone in) down in it. You salt & pepper the meat, and then you cover it with a can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup (we used the reduced fat kind). Mark added about 1/4 can of water, to rinse out the can.

That's it.

Bake it for a loooooooooooooong time. When it's done, and you attempt to pull the meat out, the bones literally fall apart. Meat comes off in chunks. You take a little of the cooking juice and ladle it over the meat. You will be happy.

So, I guess that's it for this Monday morning. Nothing earth-shattering. I've justified the existence of NASCAR (like it was in question) and I've shared a time-saving, healthy, delicious dinner idea.

. . . and I got a song running through your head. Oh, did you forget? Let me remind you:

"Because love grows. . .where my Rosemary goes, and nobody knows. . . like me!"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fabric Softener

Seriously. Is there anything that smells better? I'm sure there is. . .bread baking. . . roses. . . chocolate chip cookies. But tonight, it's the smell of fabric softener -- DOWNY fabric softener, specifically -- that's making me smile.

Our "gig" today went well. We even got paid. Whoo-hoo.

I even did a bit of outlet shopping. That's a rarity for me. I am not a mall-shopper. In fact, if I have my way, this year, all my gifts will be either: 1) handmade, or 2) bought online.

But, we made it into Gymboree....and yes, the princess DOES have a new dress (and navy blue hairbows to match). We also visited Old Navy - where she got three new shirts ($4 each) and the kitchen store . . .where I got a teflon-safe pair of tongs, so I can cook like Rachael Ray. Oh, and I went to Bath & Body Works for some of that cool foaming soap. I got "Moonlight Path" and "Vanilla." YUM.

When I got home, Mark had hung the new shower curtain in the kids' bathroom. One new towel rack is up -- and the next should go up tomorrow. Next it will be bathrugs (new ones) and new towels. I cannot wait.

But, right now, I'm just happy to be home, sniffing Downy.

Friday, February 22, 2008


"PJs are the greatest invention of all time."

--Angie Aubrey

Okay. . .I admit it, that was probably an exaggeration of some sort. I mean, sliced bread has to factor in there somewhere. Which reminds me. . .I haven't baked bread in ages.

Oh well, it's not happening today.

Caroline and I are enjoying a much-needed day at home. It's gray, cloudy, and threatening to rain. I don't need to go out in weather like this. (But, we need milk)

I was able to accomplish some scrapbooking last night. 3 pages. . .but it finished a book. That's a huge accomplishment! So today, I get to begin the latest installment of our family albums. . . and yes, as a chronological scrapper, I'm still stuck in October of 2006--so I've got a long way to go.

Other than that, I have to get some paperwork ready for this retreat on Saturday (song sheets) and get ready for my big date tonight. I'm really looking forward to the movie. I can't remember the last time we were actually seated in a theater to see a movie. So, this one had better live up to my expectations!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. I have promised to take pictures of layouts. I will try to do that this afternoon while someone (shhhh!) is taking her nap. At least I PRAY she'll take a nap. And finally. . . . .

Happy Birthday -- to Beth's mom. If you get a chance, hop over to Beth's blog and wish her mom a happy birthday. She's an amazing woman (Beth's mom. . .although Beth is too) and she will be blessed by a birthday greeting!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All Those Years Ago......

Man, it seems like FOREVER since I've posted. The last couple of days have been especially crazy. Nothing that can't be endured, but it's certainly been a bit more hectic than usual.

Let's look at all the areas of my life, and give a brief synopsis, shall we?

Work - all is good. New boss is amazing. There's an excitement at work -- but no one can seem to point their finger to exactly "what" is so exciting. Maybe it's the upcoming (subtle, and not-so subtle) changes on the horizon.

Family - we're all fine, I guess. Knox County schools were shut down today and will be closed tomorrow - due to the flu epidemic. So far, Edison's school has remained open. I keep praying good health on those kids. Of course, he's old enough to stay home by himself, if I needed to go to work. We're going through an interesting phase right now. (I know he reads this, Beth. You don't have to remind me) I just wonder what goes on between his ears when he slips into that (totally annoying) sullen silence. I know him--he's not one of those kids "on the edge," but when he goes "stealth" on me, it makes me curious. Of course--he's thirteen--and within minutes, he is being silly, dorky, and back to his normal self. So, I've given up trying to understand it for now. I just keep praying.

Caroline? Developing that stubborn streak that individuals with Down syndrome are so famous for! And lately, if you want her to do something (like say, EAT for example) that she doesn't want to do, she purses her lips, and sticks her tongue out in this fine, little point. Endearing. Truly, it is.

Mark and I are taking advantage of a night out tomorrow night. The Disability Ministry at our church is offering a Parent's Night Out for families with children with disabilities. They do this about 4 times a year. We've decided to hit up this little diner in Sevierville, and then hop across the street (no, not literally) to see the new movie, "Vantage Point." I saw Forrest Whittaker on Regis & Kelly this morning, and it looks goooooo-ood.

Hobbies -- last night, I worked on the latest "girl" afghan for my gift stash in my closet. I'm done with the variegated yarn, it's just time for the border. I may work on it tonight, but I really want to get the scrapbooking stuff out, and work on some pictures.

I'm going to an overnight Crop next Friday & Saturday with my friend (and scrapbooking supplier) Cindy. My buddy Ann (mamachef for those that read comments) is going to be there. Ann, Cindy, and our friends Laura and Cindy B. have all decided that we need some time away. Cindy B. needs it so bad -- she's driving over from Rural Hall, NC to join us! (She moved away last year, and she's coming back for the fun!)

Cindy had this overnight crop last year -- and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't set any goals for myself -- nor did I break any records. But I am really looking forward to some dedicated time to get my books in order . . . and getting some serious scrapping done. As always, I wouldn't leave you hanging. I'll keep you posted--and will post the results when I get home.

This weekend, the quartet with whom I sing (good grammar -- always) is leading worship at a Ladies' Retreat in Pigeon Forge. One of the girls in the group is an "adopted" member of this church's women's ministry, so they asked her to bring us along. (ha!) We are all looking forward to it. We haven't sung together since this past summer, although we're on a worship team together. It's been fun getting a few of "our songs" back together, to sing this weekend. Every time we practice, we tell ourselves how much we enjoy doing this....and say that we should find more songs to sing. But, we all are very busy. Saturday should be fun. When we're done with the morning session, they're setting us free (BY THE OUTLET MALLS) to shop for 4-5 hours. We haven't decided whether we're going to shop the whole time, or shop part-time, and sit and gab the other part. Regardless, I'm bringing my camera -- hoping for some fun "road trip" shots!

So. . . .other than that craziness, all is well. I still have a million things to do. I am thoroughly enjoying this Beth Moore study that we're doing at church. It has blessed me in so many ways, I cannot begin to describe it. And, the coolest part? Last night, when I mentioned the idea of starting another study when this one ends......? Nearly EVERY head was bobbing up and down, as if to say, "Yes, let's do another one! Please, let's do another one!" That's encouraging.

Okay. I'm done blabbing. I'm off to read some of my fav-o-rite blogs (as seen on the right) and then I'm pulling out the scrapbooking stuff. Nothing's gonna stop me. I know, I know. . .famous last words.......

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Response. . . and a Recipe

To those of you who are mocking my love of all things NASCAR, I say "Nyah Nyah -- Neener neener!" Which, when translated means, "nyah, nyah, neener, neener!" Need I say more?

I have admitted on this blog before that I cannot believe that I am an avid fan of NASCAR. I am the most surprised person on the planet. But as the philosopher once said: "I yam what's I yam." (And if you don't like what he has to say, he'll sock your lights out!)

Now, for the recipe. I didn't follow all the instructions, because I was trying to get these in the oven BEFORE Michael McDonald was to sing in the pre-race gala. (I made it -- and the recipe didn't suffer)

Homemade Pizza Rolls

2 pkg. crescent rolls (low fat works, too)
1 pkg. pepperoni slices
1 pkg. string cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Italian seasoning

Unroll the crescent rolls -- separate into triangles. Lay 3-4 pieces of pepperoni on each crescent - place 1/2 piece of string cheese (sliced across the "log") on top of the pepperoni. roll the crescents like you would to make dinner rolls (wide end to short end)

Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes (?). Basically, you check the package of rolls, and bake them for that amount of time.

Here's the step I skipped:

Combine 2-3 T parmeasan cheese and 2 t. italian seasoning in a separate container. Before baking the rolls, roll them in the cheese/seasoning mix.

Whether you embellish the rolls or not, bake on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.


It's a school holiday today - so we're enjoying some time together at home. Actually, I have a huge pile of work to do (both for work and for DSAG). As soon as I get Caroline down for a nap (right after Max & Ruby) I will attempt to get stuff done.

Her new trick? It's really sweet. She goes and gets my shoes, plops them at my feet, and says, "Come on, let's go to Grandma's house!" And then walks to the garage door, proclaiming, "Okay, let's go! Let's go!"

Other than the fact that neither her grandma or grandpa are home, it's hard to say "no" to her! But, since it's naptime, I think I can resist.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Off to the Races!! [edited]

I promise to blog all about it. I know, you can't wait to hear what I thought of the Daytona 500.

I can tell you now. . . it's gonna rock!

Edited to add:

Phew! There are so many things to write about the race. I'll use bullet points, as I am tired, and ready to read a "Stampin Up" catalog before going to bed!

*Michael McDonald in the pre-race show? Absolutely DEElicious!! Melany even called me from CANADA because she knew I was watching the race, and because HE was singing. She said he was singing to me. (I know in my heart, it's true) And, when he blew that kiss at the end of "Taking it to the Streets?" According to my beautiful son, it was for me. (My heart's still beating to the rhythm of that song!)

*The new commercials? Better than the Super Bowl. And, the commercial where Dale Jarret hangs up the truck keys??? Well, I knew it was coming. . . but I still almost cried.

*Speaking of crying. . . .when they did the year-by-year retrospective, and Darryl Waltrip got to talking about Dale, Sr., and got choked up? HELLO! I was a little misty-eyed, too. (Have I mentioned that our princess shares a birthday with the Intimidator? It's true)

*My brother-in-law (the fave) has already posted a comment about this. It was a clean race. I was really sweating it out there--because it looked like Kyle Busch was going to walk away with the trophy. (I don't like Kyle or his obnoxious brother, Kurt) So, PHEW on neither of them winning.

*Did I nearly faint from excitement when Jeff Burton led laps there at the end? Of course. Was I disappointed that he didn't win? Of course. But, it was all good.

*The experience of watching the race in Hi-Def was nice. I don't know that it was that much more spectacular than watching it at home in my PJs, but it was loads of fun getting together with Lee & Beth and Barry & Kathy. Awesome food, too.

*Finally, watching Ryan Newman win -- and watching what I presume was his Mom crying in Victory Lane? Those things are just special. I like Ryan. I always have. I guess I like the idea that a Midwestern "geek" could get in a racecar, and make millions of dollars--and be a clean-cut kind of guy. (The fact that I assisted with the funeral of one of his former pit crew members also makes me sentimental. I know -- if we really can see things on earth from Heaven -- Ralph Marley is one happy, happy man right now!)

So there it is. My post-race wrapup. And with that, I'm going to take myself off to parts unknown in my house. It's quiet, warm, peaceful, and like I said, there's a "Stampin' Up" catalog waiting for me to start drooling over its contents.

Happy Daytona Day!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

24 Hours from now.........

I know, you're probably thinking that I'll be whisked away on some romantic getaway, right?


We are meeting with our small group and are going to watch this year's Daytona 500 race at my parents' house. I admit it. . .I am a southerner. They have a Hi-Def TV. I am a LUCKY southerner.

This is like *our* Super Bowl. . . only I'm going to WATCH this one, and I won't MISS any of the commercials. [Honestly, they're funnier than the super bowl commercials.]

So, I'm off to make brownies, pigs in a blanket, and these new crescent roll/string cheese/pepperoni pizza roll thingies that ROCK.

And this time tomorrow, although my daughter and I will be cheering madly for #31 (Jeff Burton) I'll be rooting for the new #88 -- Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- loud and long!

Boogity Boogity Boogity..

..let's go racin' boys!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sprinkles, Strawberries and Dancing Princesses

I know, I know. . .two posts in one day. But they are so different in focus. Please be kind, and look at the previous post as well. It includes house pictures!!

Here are a few shots from our Valentine's Day celebration:

1) Decorating and eating cupcakes. I'm sorry, "Puh-cakes" is the literal pronunciation.

Presents from Arizona, cards from Ohio, and a couple things from the East Tennessee Valentine's Fairy were at each person's dinner setting:

Edison's place:
My place setting (and a handy new carrying case for all my scrapbooking & card-making stuff):

I think this goes without explanation:

Mark's place setting. (For the record, his card included a gift card to Barnes & Noble, so. . .)

And, of course, there were chocolate-dipped strawberries. And no, they do NOT factor low on the Weight Watcher's point scale. But, it's one day a year. . .I'm begging you. . . .

And what self-respecting Princess Bear doesn't perform a dance for her new adoptive family? I mean, the nerve!!

Last thing, and I'll stop. Really, I will. Had my follow-up visit with Dr. McPersonality this morning. He checked all things out, and had me get dressed and leave within 4 minutes. I have to see him in a year, following a routine mammogram. That's it.

. . .And yes, if you must know, I did walk out of his office humming "Touch me in the morning, and then just walk away. . ." and I was grinning from ear to ear.

Before. . . and After (Oh, and a new dress, too!)

Last week, while shopping for a new engagement ring (hee) I found this dress for Caroline at Belk's. This, my friends, was one of those deals you just couldn't walk away from. . . so I didn't. The dress was originally priced at $21. I paid (with tax) $4.03. I love it. She looks so cute in it. I just wish we had stripey tights and some brown suede boots or Mary Janes to wear with it!

Now, some before pictures of the bathrooms and sun room. . .
Kids' bathroom before and after:

Sunroom before (note the changes in the ceiling):

Master bathroom before (two shots):

. . .and after:

What is my overall plan for the future of these rooms?

Kids' bathroom: Bright white and bright blue. The towel bars, shower curtain rods & hangers, and fixtures will be shiny silver. I have three framed prints that Mark's mom gave us from an artist in NY. They are "Lake-y" pictures. . .and will go in there. We also have an original "Shaffer" watercolor which is a lake scene. It will go in there. My two newest Yankee candle votive holders (vintage blue with cornflowers) will go in there, as will a framed picture of the kids. I love blue and white -- this bathroom will celebrate that. I have a bright white waffle weave shower curtain which will go up when the paint has fully cured. Until then, we're all using see-through shower curtain liners for the time being.

Our bathroom: This is where I want to really celebrate all things primitive. Colors I will use are red, beige, tan, khaki, (a little) black, and mustard. (Maybe a bit of sage, too). I have one of my samplers that I've created to go in there. There's another Shaffer watercolor (grains of wheat) that will go in there. It will "marry" nicely with our bedroom (red & tan) and even though the wall color is light (sourdough) the darker, richer colors of the towels I haven't bought yet, will deepen the look of the room. (Oh, and a primitive wallpaper border isn't out of the question. . .fair warning, Mark!)

Sunroom: This is kind of a work in progress. I still need to paint the exterior door, as well as the french doors (both sides). This is where my scrapbooking stuff is going to live. It's also where I'd like to have a "reading area" complete with a loveseat of some kind. BUT, it also needs to house some of Caroline's extra big toys that don't fit in her room.

So, for right now, it's a source of external light. We need to install vertical blinds in there, as well as some sort of curtains (I'm thinking a simple valance suspended by some sort of shelf unit I have my dad build for me). Just lightening it up by painting the ceiling made a HUGE difference in that area. So, I'm looking forward to actually *working* out there one of these days.

There you have it. . . our (not-so-extreme) home makeover. It just feels good to have that behind us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm the Favorite

You may have noticed in recent posts, I have referred to my brother in law as my "favorite brother-in-law." This is kind of a play on words that he and I have been bantering back and forth since sometime this past fall, when I referred to Caroline as his favorite niece.

Let's get some facts straight:
  • She is his favorite.
  • I have also referred to myself as his favorite sister in law.
  • And again, I am right.
  • Steve has another sister-in-law...two, actually.
  • I'm his favorite
  • Steve has other nieces. . . two, that I can think of immediately.
  • Caroline's his favorite.
[Side note: If Melany was writing this blog entry, all references would be favourite. But that is another discussion from another country for another time.]

He even refers to me as the favorite sister in law on his blog, but that's getting too bogged down in details. (Go ahead, check the link. You know you want to!)

But all this batting around of the word "favorite" has caused me to do some googling. (I love that it's now a verb!) Here are a few references I found. The first is a search I performed on google that took me to Wikipedia. Just putting in the word "favorite."

Favorite (US English) or favourite (British English) means: Favorite, the intimate companion of a ruler or other important person, with or without a sexual element in the relationship. Favorite is also often used in races and competitions when referring to the competitor (i.e., horse, actress, player, team, etc.) having the best chance of winning.

Favorite is also:
A bookmark in Microsoft Internet Explorer
A chateau in Ludwigsburg, Germany (see Favorite Ludwigsburg)
La Favorite is a French Opera by Donzinetti
A fast food chain in the UK and overseas (see Favorite Chicken)
A customize effect in Final Cut Pro
A small town in Germany

Then I googled "God's Favorite" (No, I don't know why I chose that. . I just did)

God's Favorite is a play by Neil Simon, loosely based on the Biblical Book of Job. It was published in 1974. The setting of the play is a Long Island mansion, where dwells a pious, God-fearing tycoon named Joe Benjamin and his family: a long-suffering wife, Rose, a prodigal son, David, a pair of kooky twins, Ben and Sarah, and the maid and butler, Mady and Morris. One night a messenger from God, Sidney Lipton (with a big G on his sweatshirt) arrives, and, as in the biblical story, goes through all manner of temptations to get Joe Benjamin to renounce God. When he refuses, he is visited by all the afflictions imaginable. He stands firm and the messenger has to admit defeat.

I have never heard of this play, but I certainly want to see it. Sounds hilarious to me--but very pointed.

So why all this talk of favorites? Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because the idea of being a favorite makes one stand out among the throngs of other favorite wannabes. Maybe it's because deep down, we all want to be someone's favorite. Maybe it's because we casually throw this word around as much as we throw around words like love and hate.

I don't know. Maybe it's really because my favorite husband (my one and only) just reminded me that my favorite pretend celebrity boyfriend (again, my one and only) is on in two minutes.

I don't know. Maybe I just wanted to write something different, and I'm hoping you'll bookmark or "favorite" it because you liked it too. . . .?

I will share one of my new favorite songs. And yes it IS because it stands out among a lot of other songs. And, what do you know. . . it ties into the overall theme of this blog entry too. (But then, you knew I was going to do that, didn't you?)

It's called "Friend of God" and it's a song our worship band is quickly incorporating into the regular rotation. (We're debuting it next Sunday) As I looked for it, I came across this writing. I really like it:

"God created you in His image so that so that He could have a personal relationship with you.
God is seeking an intimate heart to heart relationship with you.
There are some very good parents that have friendship with their children, while still being parents.
God is your Father but He desires friendship with you also.
(James 2:23 NKJV)
And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, 'Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.'
And he was called the friend of God."
Here are the words:
Who am I that You are mindful of me
That You hear me when I call
Is it true that You are thinking of me
How You love me. . . it's amazing
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me friend
God Almighty, Lord of Glory
You have called me friend
If you want to watch the song writer sing it in a concert setting, click here. It's amazing. (We don't sound quite that good, by the way!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tagged. I'm it!

This is a second post for today. Please read the previous one (below) for updates on the family. This one is purely for fun. I've been tagged. Lois tagged me with a book meme. I don't usually do these, but this sounded intriguing.

Here's what you do. . .

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

Then, I'll come see what you're reading. Like Lois, I'm picking people that I think are avid readers . . . we'll see what happens.

I'm tagging:

Judy, Joni, Beth, Jules, favorite brother-in-law, and Mark (my hubby). Get cracking, guys!

Here's what I found. (Remember, I'm not at my house). I went to the bookshelf in my parents' living room, closed my eyes, and pulled the first book I touched. Interesting procedure -- especially when you hear what book I touched. "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" is about a family whose lives are torn apart by a lie about a daughter born with Down syndrome in the early 60s. If you have not read this book, I give it my highest recommendation. However, I will warn you, it is hard to get through -- especially the first couple of chapters. But trust me, it's well worth it."

On page 125 (there is only a chapter heading on 123) the sentences are:

"Don't worry," Miss Throckmorton replied, "We'll take good care of him."

Miss Throckmorton was young, just out of school, dark-haired and wiry and enthusiastic. She wore a full skirt and sturdy flat sandals, and her eyes never left the groups of children playing on the field.

Happy reading!!!

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. . .Bronchitis

That's right. I brought home a souvenir from the hospital.

I have been coughing so hard the past couple of days, I scare my children. I don't think I actually scared Edison, but this morning, as I took him to school, he covered his ears during a particularly long coughing spell. Caroline, on the other hand? Scared of me.

Actually, she gets this little pouty face, and then hugs me and says, "Mommy feel better?" Makes me want to cry. Especially when I realized that I'm terrifying her to her very core.

. . . it also makes me so thankful for an "all clear" last week. I don't think I need to go any further with thoughts like that. But I think you see where my mind has gone the past couple of weeks. So glad to not be going down that road. . .for myself, and for my family.

So. . I'm home from the office today. They all banished me. In fact, I could smell the Lysol when I got into the office from the doctor--and I'm sure Christine laid another heavy dose of it on every horizontal surface when I left. I wasn't offended. In fact, I was grateful, because when I get over this, I don't want it back!

I'm knee-deep in Buddy Walk sponsorship solicitation, and other planning. I have faxes to send, and letters to write. But, right now, I'm enjoying the quiet of my mom's house. It's nearly 60 degrees outside. That's right--I said SIXTY! It's a very breezy day, and since they live on a farm, with a grove of trees behind their house, it's very still and quiet -- except for the wind. If the weather holds out (and stays dry) I will probably let Caroline and Edison play outside when I pick them up from school.

In the meantime, I have have more e-mails to send, and a service to plan for Sunday. I've also got a Beth Moore video to watch and SKADS of homework to do.

Oh, and did I mention that my daughter has TWO Valentine parties this week? One is tomorrow, the other falls on the actual day. I have valentine cards to sign -- Dora the Explorer, of course. And, joy of joys, we get to decorate our first Valentine Shoe Box sometime between now and Thursday morning.

It really will be fun. But for now, I've got to go back to the house and get my camera.

Thanking God for Drugs. . . . . .(the prescription kind)!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bugging Out

We are having our bathrooms and sun room painted this week. Therefore, we are going to bug out at my parents' house for a couple of days. This times out well, because Mom and Dad are in Michigan, visiting with my sister and her family.

I realized that yesterday, February 9, marked one month since the whole roller-coaster ride began with that follow-up mammogram.

What have I walked away with during this month?

I've certainly come away from this experience believing God to be very ACTIVE and INVOLVED in my life. I am sure and calm in His presence. I am encouraged by the way that I have cried out to him, from the deepest part of my heart and soul, and know that he was listening.

I have a new sense of being part of a larger group of people. I have never felt so much love and support--and kinship as I have this past month. I am totally blown away by the friendships that sustained me. . .and for the fact that I know that those bonds are stronger because of this. But, I'm also aware that--had the results been different--those friendships would have been a literal lifeline for me. (But I'm grateful that they weren't necessary)

I love my family. I don't necessarily love them more because of this, but I know that I need to tell them on a daily basis, that I love them. I need to hug them. I need to cherish them, and let them know that they're cherished.

I am walking away from this experience grateful. Grateful for professional doctors, nurses, and health care workers who saw me as I was -- scared for my life -- and reached out to me with compassion and care. (Even Dr. McPersonality gets high marks here. His talk with Mom and Mary really put them at ease)

For those of you who see me on a regular basis (especially up front at church) you may see me getting an occasional tear in my eye during a particularly touching song. But, you may also see those same tears during a loud, raucous song (like this morning singing "My Redeemer Lives") and when you see that, realize that I am rejoicing that I've been blessed. For me, singing those victorious words just bring it even more to the surface--and I completely come undone.

But I'm here to tell you again -- and this won't be the last time I type this:

God is who He says He is
God can do what He says He can do
I am who God says I am
I can do all things through Christ
God's Word is alive and active in me

Happy Sunday, everybody! (I'll post from "the road" which really means "my office" during the day!)

Friday, February 08, 2008


Were two more precious words ever spoken?! I think not.

The doctor's office has confirmed that the lesion that they biopsied (and coincidentally completely removed) was benign.

B-r-r-r-r-ing! and BLING!

One I want; the other I got. [cryptic enough for you, Helen?] Okay, let me explain:
1) Br-r-r-r-ring! That would be the sound of my phone. . .ringing to indicate some form of test results. Unfortunately, the phone isn't ringing, or hasn't rung, yet. I called the doctor's office while as we were leaving the mall. No results, yet. I will try one more time, this afternoon. Then, after that, I'll wait until Monday. It's the weekend. (Naturally, it would be this way for me!)

I don't believe I've posted about this yet. It's kind of sad, actually. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my engagement ring had broken. The band snapped at the back of the ring. And, if I'm honest, this modest ring has been through the wringer (so to speak) with me. I am rough on jewelry. I do a lot of work with my hands, and because of that, the ring had weakened and cracked over time (nearly 19 years).

Since we're (kind of) believers in recycling, we talked about taking the original stone out of the first ring, and putting it into a new setting. I really like the 3-stone settings. And since there's Mark and two kids, it would be a precious setting to have in an engagement or anniversary-type ring.

Mark asked one of the drummers in our worship bands about jewelry stores, since we knew he had worked at one. He recommended Kay Jewelers. And, today, while happily munching on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches at the mall, I noticed that the Kay Jewelers was nearly within spitting distance of the Food Court.

I just suggested that we might walk over there after lunch--to see what they've got, and to get some kind of idea what we'd be talking about, if we converted my old diamond into a new setting. So, I walked over to Kay's while Mark changed Caroline's pants at the mall. (I still can't lift her. . .shucks) I talked to the salesperson, who assumed (incorrectly) that I had the broken ring with me. (That would have really been thinking ahead on my part -- not so lucky!) But, when Mark arrived in the store, we (sales gal and me) had figured out that it would be a more economical option to have the old diamond set into a pendant or some other ring -- and that a new ring would be (ironically) more economical.

She was right, actually, and (drum roll, please). . . . . I came home with a new 3-stone engagement ring. It's beautiful. And yes, when Mark gave it to me in the car, I started to cry. (Who'd have thought)

I think it's just the culmination of some very emotionally charged days and weeks. I have seen and benefitted from Mark's standing strong in the midst of fear, trial, frustration, and heartache over the past three or four weeks. He has kept things running smoothly for me (for a lot longer than 3 weeks) and has helped me maintain some sense of "normalcy" when everything else around me was spinning out of control.

So, even though I practically picked out this ring for myself, and he picked up the tab, I felt like I was being asked--all over again--to marry the most wonderful guy on the planet. And, just like August, 1989, you'll find me catching a glimpse of this new, beautiful ring, and staring at it for no apparent reason, other than it getting caught in the light.

Oh. . . and the best part of all? (Well, other than the fact that it's MINE???) I've lost enough weight that I was literally able to wear it home, rather than having it be re-sized. This is a good day. A very good day.

Now, if that phone would just ring. . . . .

Oh! You wanted to see a picture? Well, allright. Here you go:

I really don't have the world's most attractive hands. . . but I'll gladly "bare them" to you, in order to show you my new ring. (Praise God it's not a toe ring!)


Venturing Out. . . .

Not that I have cabin fever, or anything like that. We just need to run some errands, and I think the fresh air will do me good.

Reports later.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bruised, Blown Away. . . but Blessed!!

I'm home. The procedure and surgery went as good as can be expected, or so they tell me. The only disappointment I faced was that the initial wire installation procedure was done *without* any sort of pain medicine. AND. . . they were unsuccessful on the first *three* attempts. (That's right. . . four times!)

So, I'm going to be a little bruised. But, I made it through--and feel like I know one radiology assistant quite intimately. (sigh)

And no, I was NOT allowed to wear my PJ pants, like I had hoped. It was your typical hospital gown which doesn't do diddly. . . but I'm home now. . .dressed in PJs, and getting ready to hit my pillow.

I think this one goes without saying. Yesterday, I received e-mails from Canada . . .from all 45 of Beth's kids. (Okay, she doesn't have 45 kids....but it felt like it from all the e-mails!) I also got a call from Melany, and unfortunately I wasn't home to talk to her.

A couple of ladies dropped by the church is a breast cancer survivor. Talking to her and sharing with another friend was so encouraging.

God is doing amazing things.

Blown Away
Listen, that nearly happened. Tennessee was hit with a line of storms last night, and into the morning. In fact, while in the "holding" area this morning, we could hear over the loudspeaker, "Thunderstorm Warning in Effect. Thunderstorm Warning in Effect."

. . . .not something you want to hear when your worldy possessions (clothes, Crocs, and underwear) are in a plastic bag somewhere outside a curtained partition. Ya know?

But, the rain today came and went. It's still pretty windy outside. But, it's warm air, so it's refreshing.

I'm most blown away by this journey. Dr. McPersonality came out and talked to my mom and aunt, who were there with me. He told them that he stands by his original thought that this tissue is nothing to be concerned about. He likened it to a "snowball rolling down a hill--getting larger and larger. .. " and I'm the beneficiary to this snowball that is rolling down said hill. (Mom said he even grinned when he talked about the snowball.)

So, I am blessed. God has brought me (nearly) through an amazing faith journey with Him. It won't be complete until that pathology report comes back on either Friday or Monday. BUT. . .the faith journey itself won't be complete until I reach heaven. And from what it sounds like today--I've still got lots of miles left to walk.

Thank you for your prayers and sweet, wonderful words of encouragement. I think what has blown me away more than anything this past couple of weeks is the EXTREME amount of love I have received from my friends and family. I am humbled by this--and brought to tears everytime I recall an encouraging word, email, phone call, or card.

God has truly blessed me through you--and I am so grateful. Shoot --- now I'm crying again! I'm going to bed!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


. . .yep, that's what the Regions Bank thermometer said. The First Tennessee Bank a block earlier said 73. I say split the difference at 76. Yikes. Can you say the flu will be rampant (again) in a few weeks?!

Probably not going to post again tonight. . . I have to be in bed early for tomorrow's adventure. But here are a couple thoughts going in:

1) I've received calls and visits, and e-mails from friends and family that I cherish with the assurance that things will be fine. One call came from my friend who is a surgical nurse at MY hospital. She assisted in my hernia surgery, but cannot be with me tomorrow. She has talked to the team for tomorrow (except for Dr. McPersonality) and has told them that one of their upcoming patients is a friend of hers. I don't think I'll get extra special treatment. . .but it just feels good to know. Ya know?

2) I have received such assurance from the Believing God study we're doing. I don't have to fear the future. God's already there. He's holding it. He goes before me, and as the scripture says, "He's the lifter of my head."

3) At this time tomorrow, it will be done. I'll be sleeping (or at least resting) here at home. I'll still have to wait for the results of the tests, but I'll be done with the technical part.

Other than that, I ran errands this afternoon, voted in the primary, and have two rehearsals tonight. My life is full. My plate is full. My heart is full.

And, for these things, and much more, I am eternally grateful.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

One For Each Point. . .EDITED!!

I've done three layouts during the first half of the Super Bowl. I'm going to either crochet or sew during the 2nd half. Here's what I was able to do.

[Reference point on the title? One layout for each NY Giants point so far]

Yes, this is the picture that I used to close out last night's post. I felt it deserved scrapping.

I love this picture of Caroline. I probably am not done scrapping with it. Fair warning.

And this one, well, some pictures need very little added to them, right?

Happy Second Half. . . .

Edited to add another layout. I scraplifted this (copied it). It's going to quickly become one of my favorites. I can just tell.



That's what I'm doing today. Just chilling.

It's actually kind of chilly, so I'm not just bein hip, ya'll. I'm cold.

Awesome service, this morning. God spoke to me in amazing ways--through some amazing people. He's kinda cool like that.

We welcomed our new pastor heartily this morning. This is really going to be exciting. I just can't wait to be able to do my job wholeheartedly -- without the dread of the future hanging over my shoulder.

This morning, at the conclusion of 2nd service, the elders of the church anointed me with oil, and prayed for me. It was a touching, powerful time. It was so good to agree in prayer that we want this to be NOTHING. In fact, I asked them to pray that the doctors wouldn't even be able to find anything when they went to do the procedure on Wednesday morning.

He's a big God. He can handle it.

After we prayed, our family came home, and enjoyed lunch. Carryout pizza from the deli at Kroger. It was actually very good.

While we were waiting for the pizza to finish, Mark's cousin, Karen, called. She and I -- from the moment we met -- have been 'connected.' I can't explain it. We just 'get' each other.

We disagree on politics. Doesn't matter.
We live hundreds of miles apart. Doesn't matter
We only see each other about every four to five years. Doesn't matter.

It was so good to talk to her. She's concerned about Wednesday. . . .but she made me laugh. She just wanted to make sure I was allright.

. . . after talking to her, trust me, I am allright.

So, we're still watching the Super Bowl PreGame hoopla. I can make fun of people glued to their screens now. . . but in two weeks, it will be ME. . . awaiting the green flag to drop at Daytona. I cannot wait. I saw an interview with Jeff Burton this morning, as I was putting on my makeup. He said that his team (Richard Childress Racing) is ready for a new year. I'm going to excitedly watch him and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., as he starts to work with Hendrick Motorsports.

I know. I know. I know.

Those of you who knew me way back when. . .this seems like such a strange sport for me to follow. I cannot explain it. So, I won't attempt to do so.

I am going to try and get a little scrapbooking done today--both kinds. I have all sorts of pictures to scrap here . . . "analog" scrapping, if you wish. But I also have some pictures to do in the digital world. So, I hope to spend a little of my "Super Sunday" doing that very thing.

Right now, I'm listening to the sound of the rain as it falls. We still need rain so badly. It's nice to hear. . . but it makes everything else seem so chilly. So, I'm off to find my slippers and a blanket.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hold Onto Your Hats!

I'm going to string together three or four bizarre items. I know, I know, like I've never done THAT before on this blog.

Oh well, it's Saturday night (Super Bowl Eve) and since I *do* have responsibilities tomorrow morning, I'm going to get this on here, and go to bed. (Angie suddenly remembers to upload pics to photobucket while typing text) Be right back. . .

Things are going well. The boys are better. Both are still a bit puny, but they're upright, and eating food with texture and taste. (Delicious in both, I might add) Edison is working feverishly to get his Science Fair Display Board made this weekend (specifically before the SuperBowl Party tomorrow night) and he's made some great progress. Or, should I say, "We" have made some great progress.

Okay, photos are uploading. By the time I get done writing, they should be ready to insert. Going back through, I found a few more to spice this entry up. I told you to hang onto your hats.

Here's a picture that Mark captured the other morning while taking Edison to school. It was a beautiful sunrise. I was so proud of him -- for two reasons. 1) He came in and grabbed the camera and got these great shots, but more importantly: 2) he didn't wake me up to see the sunrise. Smart man.....I'm married to a smart man.

Next, I want to share the (promised) picture of what I swear is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. And yes, I have two children, two nephews, and a niece. Carson is more beautiful. He has to be one of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid eyes on. See?

Edison's Science Fair Project will get its own post, I'm sure, when it's complete. But here are a few pictures from our work tonight. I really am proud of him. . . especially when you consider that this display isn't due for another week and a half! Smart boy.....I'm raising a smart boy.

(note the joyous expression on his precious face)

Penultimately (for those too lazy, it means "next to last" on the agenda). . . .these muffins. I wanted to make something to go with dinner tonight. Some sort of muffin was what I was seeking. Applesauce muffins. Yeah, that was what I wanted.

I found this recipe for an Applesauce Oat Muffin. I had all the necessary ingredients (and most of you should have them on hand all the time). I even got out the Weight Watchers points calculator, and because they're a fairly low-fat, high fiber muffin, each one only has four (4) points. But the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, or so I've heard. Ann (mamachef) this recipe is for you!! These are delicious. I skipped rice with my dinner tonight, so that I could have a muffin for dessert, and another one for a late snack (with a piece of lowfat string cheese) YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!!

Here's the recipe. My source? Why Taste of Home, of course!!

Applesauce Oat Muffins

1 1/2 c. quick cooking oats
1 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1 t. baking powder
3/4 t. baking soda
3/4 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. salt
1 c. unsweetened applesauce
1/2 c. skim milk
3 T canola oil
1 egg white

1/3 c. quick-cooking oats
1 T brown sugar
1/8 t. cinnamon
1 T butter (melted)

In a large bowl, combine the first seven (7) ingredients. In another bowl mis together the applesauce, egg white, milk, and oil. Stir into the dry ingredeints just until moistened.

Fill muffin cups (sprayed with PAM) three-fourths full.

Combine topping ingredients, sprinkle over muffin batter. Bake at 400 degrees for 16-18 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack. Store in an airtight container.

Vital stats: calories (222), fat (6g), fiber (2 g). Diabetic exchanges: 2 starch, 1 fat, 1/2 fruit

WW Points: Only FOUR baby!!!

Finally, my thoughts for this week. God certainly does have ways of allowing us to be "distracted" by our everyday lives--even in the midst of trials. I admit that, although I do want to get through Wednesday's procedure quickly, there still is no distress (other than waiting and wondering). So many other men and women are going through trials so much worse than I am enduring at this time.

But, this week has certainly had moments where I have been able (or forced) to forget about my troubles, and focus myself on other things.

God's kinda cool like that. And when he doesn't give you such monumental distractions, you just have to find joy and a bit of distraction in the two funniest kids ever placed on the earth!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! (Go. . . . well, I really don't care *who* wins!)

Friday, February 01, 2008


No, I haven't joined some bizarre cult. This is not my "new name" for the group.

No. . . it's my daughter's way of saying, "Mommy, will you do Ring Around the Rosies" with me?

So. . .I thought a little levity might be in order.

Just now, she comes to me,

"Dup?" (as she's putting on her socks & attempting her shoes)
"Go to dup?"
I think and offer: "You want to go to my job?"
"No. Dup."
The light comes on. "You want to go to the dump?"
"OKAY!" (in her light, whimsical voice)
"No, we're not going to the dump."
"Okay, Mommy. Go. . . shoes. . . .trip?"
"You want to go on a trip?"
"OKAY!" (again with the sweet, melodious voice)
"No, we're not going on a trip."
"Okay, Mommy. mumble, mumble. . . .washeeton?"
"You want to go to Washington?"
"OKAY. Let's go!"

So, if I disappear for a while. . .say a week or so, it's because my daughter wants to go on a trip to the dump and to Washington." (And, in some people's minds, that would be a visit and re-visit)

Anybody else up for the ride?

12 hours later......

. . . my new "nephew" has arrived into the world. He's really not my nephew. My cousin, Natalie, and her husband Tim, have welcomed Carson Dean into the world. He's beautiful. I'm too tired to upload pictures. But, I have them. I'll do it in the morning. . .you know, in a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . remember those sheets I washed today? I'll be washing them again tomorrow. That's right -- Edison started throwing up around 8:30, and Mark joined in the celebration about 20 minutes ago (12:40 a.m.). Edison, not wanting to be outdone, just had a round of dry heaves. And now, if I'm not mistaken, I think I hear Caroline in her bed.

Yeah, it's almost 12 hours (to the minute) from my last post. This is nirvana, babies!