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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Watch and Listen. . .and learn

Sounds like good advice, no?

First of all, I have to send a heartfelt and HUGE thanks to my buddy, Heather, for pointing me in the direction of finetune. To the right, you can see a music player. On this, I have programmed (very easily) 45 of my favorite songs. . . which reminds me that I want to do a post about my favorite songs, sometime. But I'll do that another day.

Anyway, you will see that I am a sucker for the 70s. It's when music meant the most to me (or so it seemed). Music means way more to me today than it did in 1974, but at the time (4th grade) it seemed so much more monumental.

And no, there are NO Christian songs on my playlist. Call it a guilty pleasure. Call it a sign of weakness. Call it me....being authentic. When I want to kick back and listen to music that feeds the creative side of my soul, this is where I go.

Steely Dan. . . Boz Scaggs. . . the Eagles. . . Elton John. . . Carly Simon. . . America. . .Billy Joel. . . the Doobie Brothers. . .Michael McDonald. . . the list could go on and on. But, I was limited to 45 selections. As I type, I have my blog open in another window, and "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan is playing. This is, by far, one of my favorite all-time songs.

I had to hold Caroline while Boz Scaggs crooned out "Heart of Mine." Wow, that one took me back. (I didn't remember the melody on the verse, but I crooned along anyway). Now, I'm hearing Kevin Cronin sing, "I Can't Fight this Feeling" (REO Speedwagon). Totally a step back in time. Thanks, Heather!!!

The "Watch and Learn" part comes from my sewing experience this afternoon. I believe there's ad old expression, "Measure Twice, Cut Once." Well, I should have listened to that sage advice. Because I didn't, I am re-sewing true 5/8" seams.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I had the (false) notion (so to speak - it's a sewing term) that aligning the fabric with the right edge of a standard presser foot would give you a 5/8"seam. WRONG.

Now that I have my 5/8" guide mark clearly pointed out, I can accurately sew this quilt. It's what's called a "Rag Quilt," and it has been in the process for at least 4 years. I began it well before Caroline came along. My problem will come when I finish it, and have to decide whether to give it away, or keep it. I suspect that I'll give it away - and make another. We'll see.

Example of a Rag Quilt:

Well, that's it. I'm sewing and ripping. . . and hopefully, this will be the last of the roadblocks on this little quilt.
Oh. . .and the final song for this blog entry. . ."Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel. This one's for you, Mark. . .he played it in Show Band in high school.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


. . . minutes. That's how many minutes have transpired in the last three years.

1,576,800 minutes ago, at about this time, Caroline was being taken into surgery at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. This woman, Carla Christian, and her amazing staff, operated on Caroline's heart, and fixed the hole between the lower two chambers. Caroline was born with a VSD (vetricular septal defect). Although the most common, and easiest of congenital heart defects to repair, it was still my daughter. . . and the longest day of my life.

Last year, I did a couple of layouts to celebrate, and remember. Here they are. . .

My Longest Day
Longest Day - part 2
I Will Sing - when her smile came back

You may have seen them last year, but there are some of you who are new to this blog. And you know me. . . any chance I can get to show off Caroline is taken with reckless abandon!

Today, she's opting to stay in her PJ's and read books. She ate breakfast, but had a follow-up snack of dry cheerios (see previous post with layouts) and the rest of her apple juice from breakfast. This child, who was seriously hampered by this heart defect at birth, is now a vibrant, exciting, precociuos, chatterbox who delights us from morning until night.

Every September 29 will be significant from now on. Each time the day dawns, I will remember letting go. I will remember trusting God like I never have. I will remember the amazement at the medical community. I will remember that the world is bigger than I can comprehend.

But mostly, I will remember that God is bigger than the world that encompasses me, and along with the sparrows, He holds me in his hands. There's no place I'd rather be.

Happy September 29!! Around here, it really is a happy day!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

This is Why. . . .

This morning, on the Today Show, they did a segment on the Buddy Walk. John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Cox on "Scrubs" and Chris Burke, who played Corky on "Life Goes On" were featured guests. They talked about the importance of the Buddy Walk.

The most crucial thing that was said came from Chris Burke. . .he said:

"It's not about our disabilities; it's about our abilities. . ."

Yeah, I'm still crying. Check out the video.

This is why. . . . .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clarification. . . for my sake!

It isn't that I FORGOT to bring the camera. It isn't that I didn't take pictures of her in the hamper.

I did.

My camera recorded them both as an "unrecognizable file format" and refuses to download them.

I suspect that it's because the batteries were literally dying as I attempted to take the pictures, and the files were corrupted.

Rest assured, my friends. . . .the girl will surely give me more opportunities to take pictures. These were just extremely funny, and I'm very sad that my camera decided to make me mad.

There, I feel better.

I'm off to scrapbook - the "analog" kind (not digital). [Thanks, Steve] I am 2 pages away from finishing Carolines third (Yes, I said, third) scrapbook. And, I'm one of those A/R people who has to finish something. Leaving it unfinished is driving me nuts.

I also found a rag quilt that I have started. I may pull the sewing machine out a little later on. I only have three hours until I get her off the bus - but I'm starting to think that with cooler weather coming, the sun room may get to play dual purposes. . . and be my sewing room, too. (Surprise, honey!)

If all goes well, we may close on our old house next Friday. This is such an answer to prayer. When it's all said and done, there's a story to tell. . . . but discretion (at this point) is definitely the better part of valor.

I would ask you to send prayers for a smooth transition. . .both for us, and for the buyers. They are dear, dear friends of ours. They've been put through the wringer--and we want this to be the easiest, smoothest transition in the history of realty. (Kind of a big order--but He's a big God!)

Happy crafting - working - sleeping - uploading. . . . whatever you're doing, I hope it's happy today!!!

[edited] To add. . .

This is a 2-page layout centered on my daughter's love of Cheerios. I believe the journaling talks about the need to proclaim them as a fifth major food group!
This is just a fun layout of Caroline.
This one features both kids, and the landscaping I've left behind. Sigh.
You can click on any of the images to enlarge them. Until I get a wide format scanner (yeah, right) I have to go the route of taking pictures. Just thought I'd share a little of today's creativity. I didn't create any of these layouts today--but I got them put away in their proper place. SUCCESS!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Stuck! Stuck!"

Normally, when Caroline is supposed to be taking a nap, I listen for the sound of the velcro on her diapers being pulled away. I also listen for the sounds of her kicking the wall. I've even started to listen for her to say something like, "No touch poops." . . .which, of course, means that her diaper is full, and she's exploring it.

Yesterday during her "naptime" she was making her Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore stuffed animals talk to each other. It was precious. They were "bouncing" and dancing in her bed. So, I let her continue playing, but listened for specific verbiage.

Today was another language story altogether. At some point, I heard her say "stuck. . .stuck." She wasn't crying, but when she's communicating a specific word, she usually means something. Sure enough, she was stuck. How this happened, I will never know. But, for a few minutes, my girl was truly stuck.

Okay. . .here's where technology and I are in a shooting match (so to speak) and I am losing. . . .my camera didn't capture the stinking pictures that I took. Let me try to give you a word-picture. . . Caroline pulled her collapsible laundry basket into her bed. She emptied it of the dirty clothes, turned it sideways in her bed, climbed inside, and sat upright.

She was "stuck" inside her laundry hamper inside her crib. She was perfectly safe. She could see. She could breathe. She was hilarious. And, until I ran for the camera, she truly was "stuck." Oh well, I'm sure she'll do it again. If so, I'll try to capture the moment.

In other news. . . .

Edison played center tonight in their football game against Cosby Middle School. These are moonshiner kids. I mean, they are HUGE. They surely to goodness must have grown up eating their cheerios in corn squeezins. According to Mark (and the announcer) he recovered a fumble. According to Edison, he was next to the guy who recovered the fumble. He enjoys playing center. I wish I would have been able to see him play. I hate having schedule conflicts on Tuesday nights.

My other news is sad news. This evening, Mom and Dad had to put their beloved dog, Nicky, to sleep. Nicky has been part of our family for the past 12 (nearly 13) years. She was the kind of guard dog that would thump you with her tail, and lick you to death. She used to race our cars up the hill to Mom and Dad's house. She kept a close eye on our children as they grew up. She was afraid of lightning, and loved my parents like nobody's business.

They acted like she was a nuisance. But I know they loved her. We all treated her like she was a nuisance, from time to time -- especially after she'd been swimming in the French Broad River (there's nothing quite like the stench of wet dog), but we loved her.

Thinking that she might be put down over lunch today, I went out to the farm. I think my intention was to console my mom. I ended up blubbering like a baby the whole time. I'm by no means the emotional rock that was needed. But, I went out nonetheless.

I will miss Nicky. I will miss her greetings when we come to the farm. I swear she knew my car. I know she knew my kids. I think she had a special place in her heart for them. And, there's no doubt that she loved my parents very much. (They loved her too)

Yep, I will miss her. . . .but the wet dog smell? Not so much. I'd love to be able to find a picture of her quickly, but none seem to be availing themself. So, I'll post this, but I'm not going to stop searching.

So, for all my good intentions of photos in this post, I come up empty-handed. Sigh.

But, tomorrow is Wednesday!

Monday, September 24, 2007

1 versus 23

[note: this was originally written on Monday night, but technical difficulties prohibited me from posting it until Tuesday afternoon.]

This is probably not a fair title. But, as I type this blog entry, I am totally being blown away by a show entitled "Our 27 Kids" about the Murphy family. This family, who lives outside of Atlanta, has adopted 23 special needs kids, alongside their four biological children.

The majority of their adopted children have Down syndrome. They are a unique family--so full of love and compassion. So full of hope and promise. And so very, very busy. I found an article about them from a People magazine from 2005. Here is the link. I encourage you to read the article.

I am completely humbled and touched by their love and compassion. This amazing couple chose to raise these children. They accepted 23 children--when no one else wanted them--and have loved them and attempted to bring out the best in each one of them.

Wow. Seriously, folks. Read the article. Utterly amazing.

I hope to post after band practice and choir tonight. Fun new pics of "Princess Adventure." She blew my mind this afternoon while "taking a nap" if that's what you call it. Pictures and stories to follow.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Insane Weekend. . . . .BUT. . . . .

. . .I may be posting with super good news later on today. Are you intrigued?

I hope so!!

EDITED. . . . We have a contract on the house. You can read all about it on Mark's blog. (link on right). He scooped me. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last. He's too much fun!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

See Ya Later, Hooey!

No, I did not mis-type the name "Huey" in the title. I am referring to my state of having the hooey scared out of me.

Now, before I begin this, remember that I love all of God's creatures. Some of them, even close up. But there are others that I prefer at arm's distance. . . you know the Green Giant's arm length!

I believe I posted a few weeks ago about my love affair with rodents. I hate mice.

Mickey? Cute
Mighty Mouse? Brave and heroic

But a mouse in my house. Huh-uh.

I feel the same way about snakes. And yes, I do realize they eat the mice of which I have just written. But, when I am out--feeding God's creation (squirrels) with the ends of the loaf of bread--I don't want to be greeted by a snake. I especially don't want that greeting to be a complete surprise. . .behind my back. . . when I least expected it . . .rustling in the dry leaves next to the house. . . panicking that this big, huge human was blocking its sunlight.

I didn't scream, but boy did I panic!! I think my heart has started beating at its normal pace again. I'm not sure.

But the hooey -- it's gone!

[and no. . ."hooey" isn't a euphemism for something else. . .it's just an expression]

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

While It's Still Called Today. . . .

. . .although, for my friends Helen and Kate, it's already tomorrow. Pish posh!

Today (at least for the next 10 minutes) is my father-in-law's birthday. It is also my sister-in-law's birthday.

I've often wondered if that was a "cool" coincidence when they learned that Steve's girlfriend (at the time) had the same birthday as Mark's dad.

Regardless. . . they share the day. It's today. . . well, uh, for now.


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Bettie & George........
Happy Birthday to you (both!)

Wish we could have been there - at either place - to munch cake & ice cream with you. But, we'll just have to celebrate when you're here in November!

Phew -- only 8 more minutes until Wednesday!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Things Can Still Surprise Me. . . .

. . .cool temperatures -- you know, during Fall, when it's supposed to be cool.
. . .a hug from a friend that admits she's not a "hugger" person
. . .a glance from my kid in church telling me he's listening.
. . .an e-mail from some long-lost students that still like me
. . .celebrities "accidentally" letting profanity slip during the Emmys.


But this is the kicker. . . .(so to speak)

. . . a man who clearly was wrongly accused of his wife's murder is now being treated like a criminal. O.J. Simpson, a thief? Why, that just cannot be. Not in my world.


I thought it was bad enough 12 years ago, hot summer afternoons, me pregnant with Edison. . . O.J. running from the police in a white Bronco. . . .all of my afternoon programming pre-empted by news coverage. Holy Moses on a Bicycle! (Thanks, Chick. . .I love that one!)

But now - - its like deja vu all over again. I mean, the odds of a clearly innocent man being falsely accused twice are just staggering. Surely they have accused the wrong man.

Geez Louise.

[I am sorry. But, from time to time, I have to mutter a "Geez Louise" or a "Puh-lease" because I'm 43, monumentally cynical, and just cranky enough to have something to say. It won't happen again. . . well, at least not until someone else gets away with murder, and then complains about being called a "thief."]

Sunday, September 16, 2007



. . .now I'm going to put my pajamas on, and my feet up.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I know. . .I know. . .

. . .and if I didn't know, I'd have Beth to remind me! It's been far too long. . . in fact, I neglected blogging this week to the extent of missing my Blog-a-versary. That's just wrong.

And right now, 10:34 p.m. on Saturday evening, when I should be in bed, getting rest for tomorrow (one of my busiest "work" days all year) I'm blogging. Partly out of guilt. Partly out of the need to get some of this "junk" out of my system.

Where do I start?

Let's see, this past week, perhaps. This past week was insane. Literally insane.

You see, tomorrow, our church is hosting our biggest outreach event besides Christmas and Easter services. For the past 8 or 9 years, a team of actors (both from our church and others) have gotten together, and "recreated" an episode of the "Andy Griffith Show." One of our close friends, Tim, portrays Andy. His son does a great job as Opie. One of Mark's former co-workers is a dead-on for "Barney" and another good friend plays "Floyd."

What our church does is cater a dinner - we used to cook it ourselves (yikes) - and then after dinner, our guests (525 tomorrow) will go from our Family Life Center (gym) to the Worship Center (sanctuary) and watch the show. We're being catered by Buddy's Bar-B-Que. Yes "Chick," the Buddy's we all know and love! : )

For the past 6 years or so, this Mayberry-palooza has been primarily my responsibility. Overseeing ticket sales, publicity, dealing with the caterers, set up and tear down, decor, and paying the expenses. . . it's all mine. Sometimes I get credit for it -- but that's not really important.

This week, however, my boss came up to me in my office, and gave me one of those "Christian" hugs. . . on the side - one arm - around the shoulders. . .and told me that he could see I was about to lose it. It has been a stressful week. He was right.

But, this time tomorrow night, it will be over. . . .then it will be time to tackle the next three big events (before Christmas, mind you)

  • Buddy Walk - October 14
  • Church Anniversary - October 28
  • Children's Christmas Musical - December 5 & 9
. . .and I have all these grandiose schemes of MAKING gifts for Christmas this year. Yeah, right.

So, between all the hype of work this week, Edison survived his 3-day trip to Townsend, TN. The school takes two "retreats" each year -- last spring he missed his because of two strains of flu and strep throat. He was one sick puppy. This year, he had fun.

He arrived back at his school at 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Mark picked him up, brought him home, and within an hour, we dumped both kids at my mom's house--because we were headed over to Washington County, TN (Johnson City/Jonesborough) to celebrate a "reunion" with the kids that I taught during my one "infamous" year of school-teaching.

I've encouraged them to read my blog, so I'm obviously going to say glowing, wonderful things about them... (Yes, LISA, I think you're wonderful!!!) But, as we ate dinner with them last night, and chatted and caught up after TWENTY YEARS. . . I realized that each of them went down very different paths. Heck, I was a different person twenty years ago. Thank GOD that I'm not the same person now that I was then. But, we laughed. . . no one cried, that I can remember.

I wanted to kind of "capsulate" what I remember about each of them, and what I see now. . .

Mindie - she organized the whole deal. Mindie didn't actually graduate from WCA. The year after I left, she was expelled 6-weeks into the school year. Do I think that my presence would have changed things? Nah. She had a road laid out for her to tread. . .it was a tough road. She is on the other side of that road--stronger, and standing taller (if that's possible). I'm grateful that she planned this get-together. I think it was a good thing for her to do--for her.

Lynn - she was Mindie's accomplice and right-arm person. Lynn married her high-school sweetheart. She still called me "Miss Knowles," and so did her 18-year old daughter! Cracked me up. Lynn was one of my choir girls, too. She has a beautiful daughter, and really made me feel good about coming back to visit everyone. Thanks, Lynn!

Shane - I don't think the evening would have been the same if she wasn't there. Shane was one of most unique, outgoing, funny, irreverent "kids" I have ever known. She was funny and witty beyond her years (20 years ago). She, too, married her high-school sweetheart. She wishes that she wouldn't have--but because of that marriage, she has a beautiful daughter, Emily. Emily reminds me of Shane when she was my student. Emily is precocious, spunky, outspoken, opinionated, and a little bit rebellious. But here's the cool part: Shane is re-married, and has a beautiful 10-month old baby girl named "Sarah Kate." Sarah came right to me, and snuggled up against my face. Okay, maybe I did cry a little last night.

Shane and her family live in Georgia. She's very active in a charismatic Catholic church. You go, girl! I am so blinking proud of you. You keep strong. You stay on top of that Emily--and love her no matter what! I really am so glad to have spent time with you--even if I did learn things about everyone's extra-curricular activities that I never wanted to know!

Wade -- He was one of "my boys." But, as he admitted last night, he always let Paul Kennedy sing (loudly) and he just lip synched along with him. That cracked me up! He was a cutie pie in high school - blonde hair - blue eyes - a mullet - come on, it was 1987!! But, he and his wife, and three kids, live only about 15 minutes away from us. That was bizarre. He looks great. His wife is beautiful. So encouraging to see how well he's doing!!

Cindy & Gina - they were students, but I didn't really know them that well. It turns out, Cindy lives here in Knoxville. She is a beautiful young woman. . . husband & kids. Gina was fun to meet, too.

Then there were two students who "forced" us to wait around until midnight to see them again. . .and I'm so glad I did. (even though we didn't get into bed until 2 a.m.)

Shelton - he wasn't one of "my" students (non-musician, you see) but he was always one of my favorite kids to talk to. He was wise beyond his years. Very dry sense of humor. Very bright kid. He's a doctor, now. He and his wife live in Kingsport, and have a 3-year old, and a 1-year old. I am sooooooo glad we waited around to see him.

Lisa - I honestly didn't think she'd be that happy to see me. I don't know why. I always felt like I let her down as a teacher. She had aspirations (in high school) for music, and I really didn't do enough to encourage those aspirations. But, I don't think I have ever known a more genuine, caring young lady. As we were talking about other students last night --and we weren't always being kind, mind you -- Lisa was. She was always able to find a good characteristic. Unless she was fibbing, she and Shane both said that they truly liked almost everyone we named. They even liked people (students and fellow faculty members) that *I* didn't like.

This afternoon, they all gathered at the school, with a few more of the alumni, for an official reunion celebration. Because of Mayberry, I was just not able to stay around. But, I was grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with them last night.

One of the people that was going to be there today--that I would loved to have seen--was Caroline. Yes, there *was* another Caroline in my life. And yes, it's true. . . *my* Caroline is named after this young lady. She was, without a doubt, one of the sweetest girls I have ever known. Even before I taught her at school, I knew she and her family. They attended the church where I attended in college. I was fortunate to help "lead" their youth choir while I was a student at Milligan. When I arrived at Washington College, it was so cool to already know Caroline, and her sister, Julie.

Both of the girls were active in the music program. So, I got to spend lots of time with them. I don't know. . .there was just something about Caroline. When I learned, in December of 2003, that Mark and I were having a girl, that name just leapt out of my heart.

So, it broke my heart last night, to leave, and realize that I wasn't going to get to see her. Now, mind you, she only lives about 2 hours from here. And, Julie, her sister, lives here in Knoxville. So, we're going to have our own little reunion. . .mark my words!

Oh, there are others I would have loved to have seen. . . .Paul and Charles Kennedy, Lyn O'Connor, Hillary Dossett, Kenny & Denise Grabner. . . I'd name more if I could remember their names. (It was over 20 years ago!!)

But, I have to be satisfied with the great evening I had last night, and hope that there will be more in the future.

. . .and if I ever appreciated my husband, it was last night. Mark endured a stressful drive over (1.5 hours) in the rain. He ironed our clothes last night, as I touched up my makeup before dinner. He sat through dinner with an entire table-full of perfect strangers. And, he did it all because he loves me.

I think he enjoyed himself, too. He got to spend a good portion of the evening talking to Mindie's step-father, who is an army veteran, special forces. I'd see them talking. . .and overhear some of their conversations. Mark having worked as a civilian on an army post, has a special interest and respect for men and women in uniform.

So Honey, I wasn't kidding. . .I owe you big time!!

(Just for the record, this extremely long blog entry took exactly 41 minutes to type and edit)

Ciao, babies!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

B-r-r-r-r! It's like Christmas here!

. . . well, the high today is only supposed to be 78. That feels like Christmas after the summer we've had.

. . .that, and as I type, Caroline is watching the Wiggles' DVD entitled, "Santa's Rockin.'" The funny part is that there are two special guests. . . .John Fogerty and Barry Williams (Greg, from the Brady Bunch).

This child LOVES this DVD. I like it, too. It just cracks me up--in the closing (title) song, Santa Claus actually does "the froog," as part of the choreography. Just flat-out fun!

I got a call this afternoon, from Caroline's school teacher. She just wanted to let me know that Caroline had an awesome day. Ms. Carolyn (yes, her teacher's name is Carolyn) said that Caroline had a number of "spontaneous" outbursts of conversation. She said that she answered questions, mimicked them, and tried to initiate conversation.

This, however, is no surprise to us. She does this at home. . .all the time. But at school, she has been remarkably quiet. So, it was a delightful phone call. Nothing like confirming our knowledge that Caroline has gifts and abilities for which she is often denied credit. She's one smart little cookie!

And, that little cookie is looking for a new DVD, because Santa is officially NOT rocking anymore.

But, dude, can that man in red do the froog!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it Hot in Here? Or is it. . . ?

Nope. It's hot in here. Or, at least, it was.

We awoke on Sunday morning to no air-conditioning. That's right. We're in the middle of an indian summer so intense that my grass is nearly non-existent due to the increased and prolonged heat. . . .and our A/C decides to take a vacation.

After church, we bugged out to a local Chinese buffet. NO. . .I didn't overeat. In fact, I had a huge plate of salad before eating anything that resembled chinese food. I avoided egg rolls, crab rangoon, fried rice, lo mein noodles, and sweet & sour chicken. (perennial favorites) I did, however, eat a small piece (just one) of sesame chicken. I also ate sauteed mushrooms, peel & eat shrimp (YUM) and grilled salmon.

It was good. Kind of felt good to eat -- and not overeat.

Anyway, back to the "HOT" conditions. . . .Dad, Mark, and my uncle Jeff were able to detect the problem, and get us air conditioning back. In fact, the house was down to a comfortable 74 degrees by the time our small group met at our house at 6 p.m.

Sometime in the middle of Sunday night, the A/C quit. . .again.

This time, we called in the professionals. They were at the house by the time I got Caroline on the bus (8:30 a.m.) this morning, and by 10 a.m., we were back in the 70s. Go figure.

We are still waiting on the Lord to allow us to sell our house. We have not lost hope, but it's been a long three months. We were just about the lower the price this morning, when Mark got a call from the realtor--the REAL realtor. She showed the house on Saturday. This family likes the house. She thinks that we should hold off on lowering the price, because we may be at the point of selling the house.

The cool part? (Well, other than having real-live people interested in our little house) While Mark was having this conversation with our realtor, I was in our Monday morning prayer time with the rest of the church staff. I prayed this morning, very specifically about our house selling. I made the point of telling God that I trust Him, and that I'm doing my best not to say something like this:

"Lord, in all things, especially our house I trust you and your timing. . . .but . . ." I really am trying to avoid "but-ting" God on this one. He is sovereign. He is good. He is faithful. He is holding us in His hands. Why should I worry?

It's funny--I have purposely held off putting this on our church's prayer chain. . .we're not the only family in the church attempting to sell a house. For some reason, it feels like something I should not do. . .so I haven't. Many of us have, however, prayed about it in every public praying situation we have found ourselves in the past couple of months.

It will happen. . .in God's time. And, who am I to argue with HIS timing?

So, it's just another Monday.

I believe this is my one night at home this week. Tomorrow night will be full with orchestra and choir practice(s). I enjoy Tuesdays, but they always wear me out. Wednesday night is church. Thursday is still up in the air. . . Edison will be away Wednesday - Friday on a 3-day outdoor adventure field trip for school. So, Mark and I might take advantage of a quiet house (well, a quiet-er one) and watch a romantic movie. I keep hearing that Wild Hogs is a good movie. And, oh so romantic, I'm sure.

So, enjoy your week. I'll try to post again tomorrow--but since I've bared my soul, I trust you'll understand if it doesn't happen until Wednesday!! Now, I've got to go make some sort of supper. I'm thinking meatball subs.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . .

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hi, Nancy! Hi, Lois!

One of my monthly responsibilities for the church is to submit a newsletter article for the Church Newsletter. I have dutifully written little articles for the past 3 or 4 years. Usually, they are some sort of reflection about my life (kind of like a blog entry) and other times, they are centered on events within the music ministry of the church.

For the month of September, I went out on a limb. I wrote about blogging. I admitted to having a blog. I did not, however, give the address. Instead, I said that I'd give the address to anyone who asked.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from a friend of my dad's from, as she put it, "Half a century ago!" That made me laugh. Nancy is a friend of Dad's from his high school days. When Caroline was born, she was an awesome prayer warrior and crocheter for Caroline. She made her the most beautiful sweater, booties (two sizes) and later sent a finely crocheted cap that was a reproduction from an Early American pattern.

(Joni, you would have loved this stuff!!)

Anyway, it was a very special way to get connected to one of my dad's friends. However, time has slipped away, and I haven't been good about updating people on Caroline's progress. . .until the blog came along.

Well. . . Nancy gets the church newsletter. So, the e-mail from Nancy tonight was a delight to me. Nancy was the first person to read my article in the newsletter and ask for my blog address. I sent it immediately, and she wrote back (almost immediately) and said that she'd come by and check it out.

Fast-forward to three hours later. . . I'm checking e-mail one last time before going to bed. There's another e-mail, only this time it is from Lois, who I assume is Nancy's sister-in-law. Talk about a surprise! Lois wanted the address, too.

Now, you all know me. . . I'm going to share that as quickly as can be, because I'm prouder of my kids than just about anyone!

So, Lois & Nancy--thanks for coming by. To the rest of you who read the blog on a fairly regular basis, thanks, as well.

You have listened to me vent when I've been upset; you've been a virtual "shoulder" to cry on; and you have been the most engaging & encouraging group of virtual cheerleaders a girl could have. I have said it before--but I think it bears repeating: I have been blessed by people that I haven't ever met in person. That is truly a sign of our times, but it's also a reminder the blessings can come from the oddest of places. . . even the world-wide-web.

Oh well, it's time to watch the end of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Race. I'm pulling for Dale, Jr. to at least make it into the chase for the cup. He's battling extreme odds. But, my "boyfriend," as Mark calls him, Jeff Burton, is doing fairly well. He's got a secure place in the race for the Nextel Cup. I'll be quite the happy girl if he wins it.

Hello. My name is Angie. I am a southerner.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone! Oh. . . and I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to Emily, who is Beth's daughter. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope that Caroline and I can come to meet you all -- all forty seven of you -- very soon!

OOPS--before I hit the "publish post" button, I have to add that with six laps to go, Dale, Jr. blew an engine. He will still race in the last ten races, but he's not going to be a contender for this year's cup title. (Just wait until next year--when he drives for Hendrick Motor Sports, it will be a whole new ball game. . . so to speak!)

"Mom, Can I Please Go Finish My Homework?"

I'm living in Bizarro World, right? It's Saturday morning. There are episodes of "Hannah Montana" and "Suite Life of Zach & Cody" on, and my son wants to finish his math.

The Apocolypse cannot be far behind, right?

Oh yeah, I forgot, a new episode of "Mythbusters" starts in 2 minutes.

Silly me.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two Tired Kids

That's right. . .by 10 p.m. tonight, I had two extremely exhausted children in bed. . . asleep.

Caroline and I enjoyed a non-stop day. She had school, which was good. She's kind of enduring a self-imposed hunger strike as of late. She refuses to eat lunch at school - - specifically her peanut butter & jelly sandwich. She does, however, eat them at home.

Today, we sent a container of applesauce, which she scarfed, according to her teacher. She also put her backpack into a cubby without being prompted. I said "a" cubby, because it wasn't her cubby, but she still managed to do the appropriate action without being reminded.

When she got off the bus, we headed to the grocery store to pick up Edison's allergy medicine prescription. His doctor prescribed Clarinex, even though he has no allergies. I believe his words were something to the effect of, ". . . anything to help him stop snoring. . ."

Can I get a "wha-wha?!" Tonight he took Benadryl--I guess he figure the sheer exhaustion from a football game wasn't going to insure a good night's sleep.

Sorry, slight digression there. . . after picking up the Clarinex, we ran back to the house to pick up the lunch for Edison that he needed before his game.

Oh, did I mention that Caroline has taken her "show on the road. . .?" That's right, as we were finishing up at Kroger, I look down, and see that she has stripped off her shirt, and has thrown it on the floor.

So proud. I am so proud.

We dropped off Edison's lunch, and headed back to the house. We threw together a quick supper, and got ready to go to Edison's game.

No. They didn't win. But, they did an awesome job. I am going to attempt to upload some pictures from the game. We'll see how that goes.

Caroline has decided that not only is she not a fan of middle school football, she also doesn't like the refs' whistles, the screaming fans, and the noise from the announcer. She cried. I actually was heard at one point to say, "Come on, Caroline. Suck it up. You can take it. Get used to it."

I know. I'm not a stellar mother. . . but by the 3rd quarter, she was cheering for the boys, and looking for her "brover."

I am so proud of Edison. He did a great job. He played the majority of the game--sitting out for only 3 or 4 plays. He encouraged his team members, and most importantly--played his heart out.

Here you go. . . eat your heart out, Sports Illustrated. . .

Coach Ty giving Edison instructions before sending him back in.

Edison is very proud of his football stance. I think he practices it when we're not looking.

We were thrilled to see so many friends from church who came out to the game. Our youth minister Tim (red beard & hat), our youth ministry intern, Chad (gray & white shirt), Christian, one of the kids from the youth group (blonde - light gray t-shirt), and the Kuhn's - Elam wearing a hat & Glen & Tracy up front. That meant a lot.

Finally, one great action shot that Mark captured. That's my boy . . .Number 79. That's my boy.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Never Turn Your Back. . .

. . .on a three-year old as you're running her bath water.

Disclaimer here: I am fully aware that by posting this picture, and admitting to the following story, I run the risk of you all thinking that Mark and I are pitiful parents. We're not. We are, however, the kind of parents that risk reinforcing bad behavior in their children by finding it cute--and taking pictures. I am also probably running the risk of someone calling some sort of "authority" office. We're good parents. Really. We are.

My case in point: When running your child's bath water, you should always close the bathroom door--especially if your child is enamored with their bathtub. . . and is still fully clothed.

Oh, and I did find a picture of Caroline at the tea party on Saturday morning. We had a ball.

There you have it. . .officially two blog posts in one day. Even though the previous post was actually done late last night.

Hope you had a great Wednesday. Mine was crazy busy, but what else is new?!?!


I've been nominated for two. . .that's right. . .count 'em two awards. I don't know that I deserve either of them, but I'm enjoying them nonetheless.

The first is a "Thinking Blogger" award. My friend, Kate, nominated me for this award. Kate and I share a couple of common bonds. The first is our love for crafting. . .sewing and paper crafts. But our most important bond is our children, Lexie and Caroline. These two little girls, though separated by an ocean, share that common extra chromosome that makes them precious, special, and life-changing all at the same time.

Kate, you have blessed and challenged me in the short time I have known you. Thank you for this nomination, but most importantly, thank you for befriending me totally out of the blue. You are a great friend!

The other award is a "nice" award. . . .literally, it's all about being nice. My wonderful friend, Joni, has awarded me with this honor. She has also honored me by her friendship, her encouragement, and her inspiration.

So, who would I nominate? Oh, where to begin. . .

My "thinking blogger" nominees would be:

Mark - my wonderful husband. I love him. Love his blog, too.

Steve - my wonderful brother-in-law. I'm still vying to be the favorite sister-in-law. Maybe this will help me? Steve often posts entries that make no sense to me (I'm not techno-savvy) but I still enjoy his delivery.

Doug - little history lesson here. . .one of my fondest memories of Doug is the 2 days of Church camp where he kept a dill pickle chip affixed to his forehead. He is one of the reasons Mark and I actually are Mark and I.

Jules - I've nominated her because she "rocks" and she does. But, she also makes me think. She has inspired me in my day-to-day life. I like that about her.

Ali Edwards - she's actually part of the "who's who" in the scrapbooking world. I have communicated with her a couple times (private email) but she has no clue that I exist. I still read her blog (link on the right) each day. Though our political and religious views may differ on occasion, she still inspires me to find life and art in my everyday life.

My "Nice Blogger" nominations are:

Every one of those blog links on the right. These are my friends. . .for the most part. Some of these wonderful women (and men) don't know me from Adam. (Although I think it'd be easy to tell me apart from a naked guy in a fig leaf costume, but I digress)

These are people whose blogs I check every day. Some I check more than once a day--because if they haven't posted (Melany . . .Beth. . . Helen) I am dying to read what they have to say.

It truly is an honor to be nominated. . . especially by the ladies who nominated me. Thanks Kate & Joni. You all are such fun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How Can You Resist?

. . .this???

That's right. . . we're getting the "crew" together for this year's Buddy Walk. October 14, 2007. Market Square, Downtown Knoxville. Caroline's Crew last year, numbered well over 130 people.

This year's goal: 150 people
Fundraising goal: $2,500

I think we might just make our goals this year. And, I thought you'd want to see THAT FACE!!!

In other news, Mark's mom and dad began their long drive toward Arizona today. They expect to make it home by Saturday night, or Sunday. I don't envy them the drive. We did it a few years back, on a mission trip -- and drove straight through. Not a fun prospect, either way. But, we are awfully glad they came for a visit.

Tonight marks the beginning of fall choir practices for the adult choir. Normally, I am ready for choir practices--music ordered, numbered, holes punched & in folders. Not this year. I have had more "interruptions" in my life the last couple of weeks. I have three new songs picked out, but the music is not in-house, yet. Oh well, we'll make the best of it, and muddle through somehow, tonight. I love my choir. They are fun. Irreverent. Silly.

. . .but they are servants first of all. They see themselves as part of the bigger picture. They see their role as leaders in our worship services. They realize that they have been given this awesome responbility and privilege in leading others to the throne of God. That's so much bigger than "singing a special song" on Mother's Day, or whenever. Great group of people. They bless me.

Other updates. . .

I'm plugging away at the quilt. I'm about halfway done with the hand-quilting. It's tedious, but I'm really enjoying it. I hope Caroline likes it. I will probably hold off on giving it to her for a year or two. As little as she is, she's got plenty of time to grow into it.

I'm starting to think about what the next projects will be. I have another quilt started. And a table runner, too. Both could be Christmas presents. So, if I get myself in gear. . .I just might get them done. We'll see.

I'm also starting to think about doing some digital scrapbook projects for Christmas presents. I never think about that, but it's the obvious thing to do. I know that I have plenty of layouts. . .enough to fill and album or two. And, if I get myself organized and get busy--I could probably CREATE an album - based on a theme - for a gift this year, as well. We'll see.

But between now and then, there's still lots of things to do. . . church stuff. . . Buddy Walk. . .Edison's 13th birthday. . . Edison's surgery. . . .Edison's first football game (this Thursday). It's one of the few games I'll actually be able to attend, so I'm pretty excited. I think he's getting nervous, but he'll never admit it.

Well, I guess that's a good update. Sorry for the delay in posts. Between having company this weekend, and just enjoying some "family" time, it got away from me. There are still a couple of "tea party" pictures I need to post from Saturday morning. Hopefully, I'll get to that sooner than later. If not. . . yell at me. Really. Go ahead--I can take it!