This is My "Real" Blog: September 2009

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Here

. . . just going back and forth between feeling sick and overwhelmingly busy.

We're good.
Kids are well (sorta)
Jobs are good
God? Oh, he's ALWAYS good

I promise I'm coming back.
I'll even promise pictures.

If I do, will you still be my friends?

I sure hope so. . . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Never Give Up

. . .on wayward bloggers. They eventually make their way back "home" to their blogs. Unfortunately, this is one of those brief, somewhat meaningless blog entries. Because, alas, I am exhausted. . . and I don't have any inspiration on which to write.

But I do have this

. . . . it's the promo that we're using at our church for this year's Buddy Walk.

I've been sitting on this for a few days. . .not wanting to upstage it's debut this morning at the Externally Focused Ministry Fair at church. (DSAG qualifies!)

So, here you go. It will also be linked on facebook, in case you want to see it again--in between taking those ridiculous quizzes, and sending your friends flowers, boxes of candy, and redneck gifts! :)


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Road Trip!!!

We have just arrived back from a whirlwind trip to Nashville. We went over for one of Edison's away games. . . and had a ball. Yes, I said, "We." Yes, that "we" means Mark, Caroline, and me. And yes, baby girl loved her some football.

okay, there were moments when she wasn't thrilled. But, there were more moments when she had fun than when she didn't. Want to see? Okay, I'm happy to oblige. . .

That's right. . . she was enthralled by the cheerleaders. Seriously.

Can you say, "I wanna be just like those girls?"

. . .I thought you could! :) And, they couldn't have been sweeter. Seriously -- these girls were so precious with her last night. It was amazing. No doubts--we'll go to more games, just so she can get to know some of them better.

Oh? The brother? Yeah, he was there, too. . .

(he *might* be in this picture -- other side of #15 (green team) but I'm not sure) This next one is DEFINITELY him. . . Number 51.

This picture has Edison in motion. .. hence the blurry picture. But, check out #51!!

Even though is a rear-facing shot, this next picture is one of my favorites thus far. . . .

I see a scrapbook layout in that picture -- not sure which one, but I see one. (black & white. . shadowy images. . . yeah, it's there!)

I'm now going to attempt to upload a video of Caroline (maybe two) jamming with the cheerleaders. It was hilarious -- but so much fun!!

What you may not be able to see/hear at the end? Words that we love to hear her say. . .

"I did it."

Pardon me, I may need to shed a tear or two -- you see, I want her life to be one long series of exclamations like that. She's an amazing little girl -- and I think we've only just begun to see what she can do.

My challenge to you? Stay tuned--because this will be one of the first places where we'll post her amazing contributions to society.

Oh, and Edison's team won. . . .which made the trip even more fun!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ladies and Geppleman!

Yep -- that was how we finished dinner last night. Caroline was quoting Max & Ruby -- most likely from the episode where Ruby and Louise create a "circus" in their backyard. . . gosh, I've seen them too many times.

Anyway, as dinner was winding down last night, Caroline picked up her unfolded napkin, and hid some part of dinner that she had chosen not to eat. As she uncovered it, she evolved into her announcer voice and started in: "Ladies and Gepplemen. . . !" This was followed by various words and phrases that we couldn't decipher -- and then we started laughing.

And, that's pretty much the way it's been around here. Busy. Fun. Laughter.

Although, Little Miss C had to "pull a crayon" at school yesterday for not following directions.

Now, please bear with me for a moment. Because. . . . I'm glad it happened. For one thing, it shows her teachers who continually say how "precious" she is -- that she can be a little stinker. It also shows me that she's getting her own skin....and in that school building.

Oh? The offense? From the brief note from the teacher, we think she was supposed to be walking down the hall--presumably with the teacher and some students--and Caroline started "hiding" in the doorways to other classrooms.

If the school were a more "traditional" school, this wouldn't be so bad -- because classroom doors would be closed. But, her school has a somewhat "open" classroom format -- and the doorways are just that--doorways. No doors. So, potentially, she might have disrupted other classes.

But, as I admitted before -- I'm glad she's starting to let some of her true colors show.

That's about it for now -- Edison's team won their home football game last Friday night. It was a good one. He got some playing time. I stayed home with Caroline and my niece who was visiting from Michigan.

I have to dash out and go to work. . . life never stops! Have a great day!