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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Back Into the Swing

I may try getting back into blogging.  A lot has happened since I last blogged. 

Almost too much to contain....but I think I'm ready to try.  

We shall see....

Friday, May 04, 2012


Pinterest has changed EVERYTHING.  It's made me blog.

By inserting a picture, I'm able to post things that I've done to Pinterest.  Weird.

By posting this here, I can link it on pinterest.

The instructions are pretty simple. 

Letter "A" is printed out on cardstock - American Typewriter (font) - 720.  Cut out card stock, trace backwards onto Steam a Seam.

Cut out fusible letter.  Fuse onto one piece of 14 x 14 homespun material. 

Once fused, stitch (light green) top stitch 1/4 inch inside the "A"

Sew pillow front to pillow back on three side -- insert pillow form (14 inch).  Sew bottom seam by hand.

You're done!

What I would've done differently. . . . I would have made the fabric 14.5 x 14.5, rather than a straight 14 inches square.  I would also move the letter up (diagonally) about a 1/2 inch.

I will make more. . . and I will make those adjustments!

Until then. . . enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Boy, are my arms tired!

We did a whirlwind trip to Chicago this past weekend. Our friends, Steve & Char Hopeman (from Wheaton) have two daughters. A couple months ago, I got an email (facebook message) from their youngest daughter, Emily, asking if I would consider playing for her wedding.

I have to be honest - I was so homesick for. . .well, anyplace but here. . .I was willing. We worked it out -- and took off for the Windy City last Wednesday morning. But, the wedding was the last of our many stops along the way.

On Wednesday night, we had dinner with my aunt & uncle in Southern Indiana. Edison and I saw them back in December, when my great aunt died. But, it had been years since Mark had seen them. And no, they hadn't met Caroline, yet. But, met her, they did -- and loved her. . .? Well, that was assumed, wasn't it?

While we were in Owensville, we stopped in downtown to see where they were setting up for the Watermelon Festival - which was to happen that weekend. I have probably failed to mention that Gibson County, IN is the Watermelon Capital of the World. It's true. Melons there ROCK the Casaba (sorry, couldn't resist that pun!)

Anyway, my uncle had told us about a new memorial they were going to unveil on Saturday. Knowing Mark's interest in genealogy, he talked to a couple of his friends. . . .

That's right -- they let us see the unveiled statue three days before the actual unveiling. It was precious. And, to see the pride and patriotism in these men, as they talked about this monument. Well, quite honestly, it brought a tear to my eye.

We also spent a little time in the cemetery where my grandparents, and many other family members are buried.

While we were there, we ran into one of my second cousins (I believe) that I haven't seen in YEARS.

Ironically, he knew me upon seeing me -- and asked "Angie, how's Knoxville these days?!" I was stunned -- but delighted to talk to him. There's just something about seeing family that you haven't seen in a long time.

One of the reasons we visited the cemetery -- my aunt & uncle told us about a new veteran's plaque they'd had put on the back of my grandpa's headstone. It had only been on there about four days -- I am so proud of my family, and the men who served years ago to preserve my freedom today.

After leaving Indiana, we traveled home to Illinois. We took Edison to see the sights of Chicago. But, having very limited time, this was a driving tour only.

We tried to hit the major spots -- and give him a taste of what the city is really like. I think we did alright, actually.

After Chicago, we headed out the suburbs. We visited our favorite bakery:

had dinner with an old friend, and shared dessert with his wife & parents. This time was very precious to all of us. . . .

We had lunch with friends, and shared tattoos. (Theirs, not ours)

Oh yeah, and there was a wedding. (Our original reason for heading north). It was an outdoor wedding - and I'm still recovering from the sunburn. But, it was beautiful. . .

(Edison was my page turner - and I'm really glad I had him there. You'd never know it by my sunburn, but there was just enough of a breeze to be troublesome)

Steve & Char - the bride's parents (and our friends). For those of you who know about my quilting prowess (or lack thereof) this is my original teacher & inspiration.

And yes, when Steve & Emily shared their dance to "Butterfly Kisses," I was a mess!

There are so many more stories that go with the weekend, and the friends and family. . . but Mark just walked in the door with pizza. And, I'm hungry.

So, the stories will have to wait until the next blog entry. But I leave you with this thought. . .

"Yak in a Box"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Thousand Words. . . .

It's time to update - but I'll let the pictures do more of the talking. (Yeah, right)

Caroline lost her first tooth a few weeks ago -- this is a BIG thing for her, because there was thought that she'd have to have teeth surgically removed. Here's hoping they'll all fall out the "old fashioned" way!

Edison was in the Spring play at his school. They did "Our Town," and it was very good. He played the Constable. We were, and are very proud of him!

Two of his biggest fans were there on closing night:

This past Spring, Caroline had the honor of helping with the dedication of the new lobby at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Her picture (larger than life, actually) is hanging in their newly-renovated lobby. This was a very proud day for our family. Here she is, helping cut the "film" (ribbon) for the dedication. The project was funded by Regal Cinemas, so the kids used safety scissors to cut the "film" for the celebration.

If you happen to go into Children's, please stop in the lobby and wave "hello" to Caroline and her teddy bear!

Spring also brings prom season. This year, Edison took Caitlin to his prom. Quite the momentous occasion!

Caroline continues to have fun with her "best friend in the whole wide world." (Her quote) She and Grandma always seem to find time for each other.

We have to give Grandpa a little equal time, don't we?

Edison & Caitlin on Easter Sunday. . .

Caroline & Mark on Easter. . .

Back in June, we went to a Tennessee Smokies game with a group from church. To prove that I indeed *do* allow my picture to be taken, here is evidence that I went to the game. . . and even had fun!

Fast-forward to July 4. We spent the day out at my aunt & uncle's lake house. Caroline was determined to get in the tube. She eventually did - but she was dry-docked. We hope to get her in the water (in the tube) before the summer is over.

Once I got out on the water, I had to update my facebook status. Come on, don't tease me too much!

I think I could stay like this for a long, long time. . . .


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forever Between Posts

I don't know. . .I must've lost the blogging mojo or something.

But today, I've been reminded of what a blessing we bloggers can be to each other. . . and ironically (or NOT SO ironically) I was reminded by someone named Beth. Nope, not this Beth**. . . another Beth.

Beth Shibley is a quilter that lives in California. She must quilt around the clock - because she always seems to be finishing the most beautiful quilts, table runners, and pillows. She really inspires me.

Lately, when she's written a blog entry, or posted pictures of a project that I love - I've left her a comment. And every time, she's emailed me a sweet, brief response. Today, she blogged about some "ugly" (as she called it) fabric -- it was NASCAR fabric. Nearly broke my little boogity-boogity-loving heart.

So what did I do? I left her a comment saying that it is possible to quilt and love NASCAR.

And, what did she do? She emailed me back (within minutes) and offered to send me the few last bits of her NASCAR fabric. (If I'm honest, it really touched my heart -- I nearly cried)

And then, I started to reminisce about "my" Beth. I have thought of (and missed terribly) my Beth this week. I had my heart broken a couple of times over the past 10 days -- and each time, I found myself still wishing that I could call or email her. . . wanting to pour my heart out to her. I know that she would have listened, or read -- and would have replied with something that would have made it better.

But, alas, I can't email her. I can't call. And, that made me a little bit sadder. . . momentarily.

It's really okay. God has provided me with others to whom I can "let it all hang out" and, for whatever reason, they still accept and even like me. (Kinda like Beth did)

So. . . if you're a blogger, please take a minute to think about, and maybe thank someone who leaves a comment on your blog. If they're a blogger too, go to their blog and leave some love. You never know what might happen.

. . . you never know, you might even get some NASCAR fabric in the mail!

**I purposely put the link to this particular entry from Beth Cain -- it was one of the first times she created a scrapbook layout for Caroline. I just "happened" to stumble on it (Thanks, God) and shed a couple tears of joy over a friend who truly changed my life.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Sorry. . .

It's been far too long since I have written an entry. I can't say why - except that I've been quite busy. Probably too busy for my own good. So, what has changed since I last wrote?

Well, we finished the "Together" sermon series - and have also started and finished a series based on Francis Chan's book, "Crazy Love." Great book. I highly recommend it.

Kids are good. Growing up too fast. Want proof? Here you go. . .

Other than growing kids, making meals, driving a mini-van so much that its tires are wearing out, piling more books onto the "I want to read them" pile, and waiting with baited breath for the return of Bobby Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. . . there's not been much going on.

Well, except for NASCAR starting up again. . . . and I realized that of the over 970 songs I had on my itunes - NONE of them were Michael McDonald songs.

It's a travesty, I tell you.

I had a few Doobie Brothers songs on there -- but honestly, that doesn't count. And, if I'm totally honest, I don't have his "Soul Speak" or either of his "Motown" albums on there yet . . . so the collection is sorely incomplete.

Hmmm. What else?! Oh yeah. . .the "big" news. I'm now a Mac user. In fact, this is the first blog entry written on a Mac. You could tell the difference, couldn't you?

I thought so.

The whole transition has gone fairly smoothly. Yes, I live in a PC house - but for the work I do, a Mac serves my purposes much more completely. I've even made my first movie on the Mac.

Okay - that's it. Just catching you up. Got a picture of the kids squeezed in - and some of the happenings in our household. I hope I filled in the gaps, and provided you with a few smiles. If not, come back tomorrow. . . okay, maybe the next day.

Friday, January 21, 2011


We're in the midst of a 5-week sermon series at church entitled "Together." It's all about intentional relationships. Getting to know people. Helping make disciples by purposely "friending" someone (Hello? Facebook, anyone?)

We've used one of my all-time favorite songs for "bumper music" the last couple weeks. While looking for it again this week, I found this. Couldn't help but share. . .

LOVE this!

Happy Weekend, everyone!